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Things to do in Rjukan - Norway


Some of you may be planning on staying in Norway a little longer than the duration of your course. That’s great and means you can enjoy some of the other cool things to do in Rjukan! This information booklet will tell you a little about our favourite things to do….. Other than Ice Climbing of course!

Snow Shoeing

There are some amazing spots to go Snow Shoeing around Rjukan. Some of our favourite spots include Hardanger Plateau and the Gausta Area. 


This is the ski centre at the top of the mountain (Gaustatoppen). It’s a great way to spend an extra day in Rjukan with a range of Downhill ski slopes for all abilities. You can also give cross country skiing or snowboarding a go!

How to get there:

You can drive up the mountain which can often be abit difficult with ice on the road. If you are feeling abit nervous about it, then you can get a free bus to the top and back down again. Here is the timetable:


This is the very prevalent mountain that can be seen shadowing Rjukan itself. You can often see hardcore skiers coming down the steep slopes and mountaineers making their way up.

There are a few ways to get up…..

  1. The lift called Gaustabanen which costs 350NOK (£35). The lift is closed in the winter.
  2. Hike up! Don’t forget to take your snow shoes which can be rented from us for 250NOK (£25) per day. We advise that you have the relevant experience to hike up in the winter. There is also a café near to the top

We like to go up there sometimes to do some Ice Climbing with great views. The routes can be found in any Rjukan Ice Climbing guide book.


Fancy something a little bit warmer? Get yourself down to the local swimming pool. There is a really cool slide, huge diving boards, sauna, steam room, a climbing wall at the side of the pool and our favourite…….. An outdoor pool and Jacuzzi!

The prices are about 115NOK for entry

Vemork Power Station

Are you the type of person that loves your history? Well you have come to the right place! Rjukan is swamped with WW2 history. The power station produced heavy water and in a nutshell, the Germans wanted it for their nuclear bombs….. The film ‘Heroes of Telemark’ explains it all, but why not do one better and visit the place yourself and learn all about it!

The Mirrors!

Some of you may have seen in global news that a little town in Norway has put mirrors at the top of the mountain to reflect light onto the vitamin D deficient residents…. Well that little town is Rjukan! Between November and March, Rjukan sees no sunshine (Hence why it is so great for Ice Climbing). So, they have inputted these mirrors which reflect sunlight onto the town square. Go pay it a visit, it’s quite peculiar.

Huset Pub

Pretty simple, It’s a pub. Infact, it’s the only pub in Rjukan. Be prepared to pay around £10 a pint. If you are the sort of person that enjoys a beverage in the evening, then we recommend you save some cash and buy it in duty free.