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4. Activity Amendments and Alternations  

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6. Responsibility and Personal Safety 

7. General 

8. Risk Aware 

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Booking Conditions 

4. Activity Amendments and alterations  

4.1 Due to the nature of the activities on offer, Mountaineerin Ltd reserves the right to alter
travel arrangements, accommodation and itinerary at any time. In the unlikely
event of this happening any amendments will usually be minor. Should any major amendments
be made the customer will be consulted where possible prior to making any
changes. No compensation will be payable. Mountaineerin Ltd will always aim to
provide the activity as per the planned programme.

4.2 All prices advertised are accurate at the date published. In some circumstances situations
arise that make it necessary to change the price for example; currency
fluctuations, changes to park entrance fees or fluctuations in fuel costs. In
such circumstances we may need to levy this charge at which time Mountaineerin
Ltd will issue an amendment invoice giving you as much notice as possible
regarding the changes. The cause for any amendments will be made clear from the

6. Responsibility and personal safety  

6.1 Mountaineerin Ltd only hire qualified instructors and staff. All members hold current first aid certificates and have
had the relevant Disclosure and Barring Records checks completed prior to being
employed (if working with young people under 18 years of age.) Instructors will
also carry emergency equipment sufficient for the planned activities. Mountaineerin Ltd recognises and advises that due to the very
nature of the trip and activities it offers, accidents are possible and all
customers must be aware of the risks.

6.2 Mountaineerin Ltd cannot be held responsible for circumstances outside of our control and participation is at
the risk of the customer.

6.3 Customers are required to bring personal walking equipment. Some of this is essential safety equipment. If the
instructor leading your activity is unhappy at the suitability of your personal
equipment for the activity they reserve the right to refuse to take you on the
activity. There will be no monies refunded under such circumstances. Please do
not hesitate to discuss equipment concerns with Mountaineerin Ltd prior to your
activity, we will happily advise on purchases or bring spares that we hold if
required. Prior to your activity you should be provided, by Mountaineerin Ltd
with a kit list for the essentials needed for your chosen activity.

6.4 You must inform us of any known medical conditions that may affect you during your chosen activity. You will be
expected to disclose this information on the informed consent form that will be
provided prior to the activity.

Failure to disclose any relevant medicalb conditions that are later found out and increase the risk of your participation
in the chosen activity could result in refusal to allow you to

6.5 All customers certify that they are in good physical and mental health and are able to take
part in the activity they are subscribing to. Customers must be aware that some
activities involve prolonged physical exercise.

Where the customer is under 18 years of age parental consent will be required in order to
allow participation in the activity. It is essential that all conditions no
matter how minor are disclosed.

6.6 Where transport and drivers are used to support our services we ensure that all vehicles are fully
insured, have the necessary operating licences required by law and the
guidelines for driver hours and shifts are met. Our drivers hold the correct
licences to enable them to drive the vehicle they will be operating. Some of
our events are time bound and mean the driver hours and shift patterns need to
be managed, any such details will be included in your itinerary. In general
such timings are not negotiable as they are the law. If driver hours and shift
lengths are likely to pose an issue we will discuss this with you at the
earliest possible time.

6.7 All customers are advised to take out personal injury and cancellation insurance to protect
themselves. Mountaineerin Ltd will be happy to advise of suitable insurers to
contact for this should you need advice.

7. General 

7.1 The customer will be led by a qualified instructor and agrees that their decision is final
(including regarding their continuing participation in the activity) and will
be led by them in all situations throughout the activity.

7.2 Mountaineerin Ltd reserves the right to reject any customer at any time as a member of their
group. Reasons for this may include; illegal actions or irresponsible behaviour
which, endangers the customer, the instructor or any other customer. In the
event of this happening no refund will be made and Mountaineerin Ltd will not
accept any further liability or responsibility for the customer.

7.3 Should the customer at any point feel that the service provided has been unsatisfactory they are
entitled to file a complaint with Mountaineerin Ltd. Complaints must be filed
in writing within 7 days of completion of the service. After this 7 day period
it will be assumed that the service/activity provided was satisfactory.

8. Risk Aware 

8.1 Mountain activities carry risks. As a responsible provider of mountain activities the below is to
highlight the possible risks to yourself whilst taking part in activities in
mountainous terrain.

8.2 Mountaineerin Ltd and its staff take health and safety very seriously however it is acknowledged that
risk cannot be completely eliminated. Below is a list of some of the dangers
that can be encountered whilst taking part in activities in and around
mountainous terrain. Customers should be aware that accidents in this type of
environment can lead to serious injury and in extreme cases can be fatal.

· Physical and mental exertion (in some instances for prolonged
periods of time).

· Adverse and/or rapidly changing weather conditions (wind, rain,
hail, snow, sun, storm, lightning etc).

· Uneven, slippery and dangerous surfaces (slate, stone, rock, snow,
ice, grass etc).

· Road travel, road travel accidents. 

· Rock, ice fall. 

· Strong sun, UV exposure. 

· Cold related injuries. 

· AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) including HAPE and HACE 

· Danger of Avalanche 

8.3 The aims/goals of a particular activity (e.g. summit, specific routes, timeframe etc) may, during
poor weather and route conditions not be obtainable. Mountaineerin Ltd will not
be held responsible for such problems. Mountainous terrain can be unpredictable
and this must be noted by all customers. The safety of the group is paramount
to any goals or aim.

8.4 The mountain leader or instructor leading the activity is responsible for all decisions during the
activity. Their decisions regarding route selection, the conditions as well as
suitability and continued participation of the customer is final. It is
possible that conditions affecting the suitability of any activity could change
at short notice. Customers should note that this is a possibility at any time
of the year in the mountains. Every effort will be made by Mountaineerin Ltd and
its instructors to ensure the planned programme is followed where possible.
This can never be guaranteed however.

8.5 Some of our events include visits to or take place in developing countries. Please note that the
standard of medical care, facilities and transport facilities will not
necessarily be of the same standard as the UK. Vehicles in particular may not
include seat belts or be subject to a standardised MOT type test. Every effort
is always made to ensure the above are safe and fit for purpose. If it is felt
the above are not fit for purpose alternative options will be sought.

For more information regarding a particular countries political state, general health
and safety and other details you can visit the UK Foreign and Commonwealth
Office website. 

8.6 As part of our
commitment to ensuring we deliver responsible events we ask all participants to
complete an Informed Consent form & Health Questionnaire. This will be
requested at least 60 days prior to the event. This information is required for
insurance purposes and also so we have the relevant details in the event of an
accident. No client will be allowed to participate without completing the
requested form.

9. About You 

9.1 Mountaineerin Ltd
collects information such as name, contact details, basic medical information and
such details in order to ensure participants are fit to travel and for us to
deliver our events safely and appropriately. This information is never share
with a 3rd party. Information is collected upon booking and from
informed consent details collected prior to the event. Please note that basic
relevant details (date of birth, medical conditions etc) may be shared with
medical professional and emergency services in the event of an emergency or
incident. This is done only in the interest of the participant.

If you have any
concerns about how we use your information or you wish to withhold information
please contact us. We do require