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Norsk Ice Climbing School

Courses to suit all abilities.


Beginners Ice Climbing

2 Days

For total beginners - no climbing experience required.


Ice Climbing Improver

5 Days

The course is for people with rock climbing experience, or basic ice climbing experience.

Advanced Ice Climbing

6 Days

This course is for people who have lead rock climbing experience, and at least 2 days ice climbing experience.

Find Us

We're based out of Rjukan, Norway - 3 hours drive from Oslo. When you book a trip, we add you to a facebook group with the other participants. Most people use this to arrange car sharing from Oslo Airport. You can also reach us by bus (around 5 hours).


Knut Dahlesvei 31
3660 Rjukan
Find us on google maps.


All courses are run in English.