Day 1: Arrival and Introductions

Most people fly to Oslo Airport and then car share for the three hour drive to Rjukan. When you sign up, we put you in touch with other participants through the Facebook event so that you can arrange this. You will meet at the hostel at around 8pm for introductions and to collect any equipment you may need from the gear store.

Day 2: Ice Climbing Technique

Day 2 focuses on technique and balance, including crampon technique and mastering your ice axe swing. You'll also have the opportunity to learn more advance techniques for steep ice, if you want. We usually climb at a venues called Ozzimosis or Krokan, which are both excellent single-pitch crags (20m high).

Day 3: Multi-pitch skills

Climbs for day 3 are Nye Vermorkfoss and Backvein – two 3-pitch waterfalls that weave in and out of the rock – always much easier to climb than they look from the valley floor and the photos!

Day 4: Lead climbing skills

The focus on day 4 is lead climbing protection and skills. You’ll be working on judging ice quality, placing ice screws and building v-threads (burrowed holes in the ice that you place cord through) for retreat or descent. You will do this at a great single pitch crag, with plenty of climbing to put these skills into practice!

Day 5: Alpine-style route

On day 5 you typically do a longer route with a short walk-in, such as Tjonsterbergfossen – an epic 5-pitch route with great views over the valley. The choices are almost endless however so your instructor will pick routes based on the group and make sure everyone is appropriately challenged for the last day.

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Please contact us for custom dates.

Abdul Bandukara

Reviewed on 25 Feb 19


This was my third trip to Rjukan for ice climbing and the second in two years with Skyhook. Like last year, it was a fantastic week of climbing

I was in a group of fun individuals with varying abilities and experience. The expert instructors ran the course very professionally such that all benefitted greatly (and equally). The feed back from all the instructors, to individuals, during the course was superb and timed such that we could put the advice to use during the climbs.

The venues and climbs were selected progressively so not only were they fun to climb but helped address weaknesses uncovered during the course. In addition to the climbs, we were given de-briefings in the evenings to discuss progress and and objectives for subsequent days.

Fantastic week - I'm planning on going back for another week next winter!

Alan Cooney's picture

Alan Cooney

Reviewed on 21 Oct 18

Guide Review Team

Skyhook's Guide Review Team is responsible for checking that your local guide is up to scratch with best-practice safety, service levels and ethical treatment of local staff. All members of this team are fully qualified instructors or guides themselves.

It really is a pleasure to head out to Rjukan each year to work with the guides here. Put simply, it’s the best place to go ice climbing in Europe, possibly the world.

The instructors all hold high-level qualifications (IFMGA, NFK Høyfjell or MIC) and instantly put you at ease in this incredible environment. From the first meeting on the evening before the course, they’ll start tailoring the course to your abilities and goals. For some people that means being guided on lots of spectacular routes around the valley, and for others it’s working on athletic ice and mixed climbs.

There is no pressure to lead and many participants choose not to. Equally however, if you’re looking to become an independent winter climber this course is an excellent (and intensive) way to do that. Either way, it’s a fantastic experience!

My final top piece of advice is to stay on for a few extra days after the trip if you can. There’s so much to do in the area (from snow shoeing to using the outdoor spar after a long trip) and it’s all very accessible. Just ask the hostel-owner Jakob for ideas. Have fun!

Paul Cooke's picture

Paul Cooke

Reviewed on 5 Mar 18

Verified booking

My second visit to Rjukan with Skyhook. Another great experience and I'm sure I will be back. Managed two long multi pitch routes and plenty of class bottom roped routes practicing lead screw placement and steep ice technique. Our instructor Tom was great at striking the right balance of keeping things fun and keeping us focused and getting our efficiency up to speed. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to develop their ice climbing.

1. Can I come by myself?

Absolutely yes - most people book alone. It can feel a bit intimidating, but you will do introductions when you arrive and you’ll get to know the others in no time!

2. How old do I need to be?

The minimum age for all our courses is 18.

3. What does the price include?

It includes accommodation, instruction and all technical equipment. It excludes travel, food, appropriate clothing and winter mountaineering boots (these can be rented from the hostel if needed).

4. Do I need insurance?

Yes - please make sure you have travel insurance which includes ice climbing. Popular providers include the BMC and Snowcard.

5. What are the options for food?

The local supermarket Kiwi has a broad selection, with equivalent prices to a higher end supermarket in the UK (e.g. Waitrose).

6. How fit do i need to be?

A moderate level of fitness is required. Climbing experience is not required; we setup a broad range of climbs suitable for complete beginners up to expert rock climbers, and coach you accordingly to your current experience.

7. How do i get to Rjukan from the airport?

If flying, go to Oslo Gardermoen - usually most affordable with Ryan Air/Norwegian Air. Course participants typically rent a car together for the 3h drive to Rjukan. When you sign up we recommend you also join the Facebook event to arrange this.

8. Do i need to bring specialist equipment?

All specialist equipment is provided. You must bring with you: Appropriate clothing (similar to ski wear) including waterproof trousers and tops. At least 2 pairs of gloves/mitts and Winter mountaineering boots (you can also rent these from the hostel)