3 Peaks Challenge

The 3 Peaks Challenge in the UK is a tough yet popular adventure amongst hikers and charity fundraisers. Participants aim to climb the highest mountains in England, Scotland, and Wales. We offer this epic trip with an exceptional support team to help you cross 3 Peaks Challenge off your bucket list.

Snapshot of the 3 Peaks Challenge

The classic National 3 Peaks Challenge has the objective of climbing the three highest peaks in the UK. This is Scotland's Ben Nevis (1,345 meters), England's Scafell Pike (978 meters) and Snowdon in Wales (1,085 meters).

What makes this a real challenge is that you need to complete all three climbs within 24 hours, including travel time. This is no small feat, considering the total walking distance is around 23 miles, and the total ascent is over 10,000 feet. The physical demand is high and it takes training in order to have the required fitness level - do not enter this challenge lightly!

The total driving distance between the peaks is roughly 462 miles. While the hiking itself is challenging, coordinating logistics and ensuring safe driving between peaks is equally complex. Skyhook has worked with the same trusted 3-Peaks operator for years, and we have the logistics handled. This means that you can grab some rest between ascents.

For those who aren't quite up for the physical demands of the classic 24-hour, 3 Peaks Challenge, we have some alternative options;

Would you like to climb the three highest peaks in the UK and still have time to enjoy the view along the way? There is a more relaxed variation of this challenge that allows a day for each peak. The National 3 Peaks in 3-Days trip is less about the race against the clock and more about enjoying the journey and the beautiful landscapes of the three regions. Participants still travel between the peaks but with less time pressure, giving them more time to recover and enjoy each location.

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge is more localized and starts and finishes in Horton-in-Ribblesdal. These are much gentler treks to the summits of Pen-y-Ghent (694 meters), Whernside (736 meters) and Ingleborough (723 meters). As this is an easier challenge, you will need to complete the roughly 24-mile circular route within 12 hours. The nice thing about this trip is that it doesn't involve the added pressure of travel between distant peaks.

The Three Peaks challenges, whether on a national scale or localized to Yorkshire, are exhilarating tests of endurance, determination, and coordination. For many, successfully completing a challenge is a badge of honour and a memorable experience to tick off their bucket list.

Challenge FAQs

To complete the National 3 Peaks Challenge, you need to be in good physical condition. The challenge involves roughly 23 miles of hiking and 10,000 feet of ascent, often in variable weather conditions. The guide will set a brisk pace as is required to complete the challenge within 24hrs, there is little time for breaks.

If you are concerned about your fitness, consider the 3 Peaks in 3-Days Challenge.

The 24-hour goal is a benchmark, but participants should prioritize their well-being. As this is a group event, the guide reserves the right to pull you out of the challenge for the sake of the group's success and your own safety.

The Skyhook 3-Peaks challenge follows the most popular order of Ben Nevis, followed by Scafell Pike, and finishing with Snowdon. However, the order can potentially vary based on logistics.

Most people undertake the challenge between May and October to avoid winter conditions.

Like all mountain activities, there are risks. Weather conditions can change rapidly, and navigation can be challenging. Risks can be increased by the sense of 'rush' that the challenge creates. For this reason, it's important that you are fit and healthy at the time of attempt.

It's essential that you have proper hiking boots and bring waterproof clothing layers. Many people also use walking poles for support. See the FAQs of the trip/ booking page for a full packing list.