If you're looking for water-craft-based adventures, we've got you covered! Kayaking and Canoeing tours are some of the most popular activities on Skyhook. Most of our trips combine spending time out on the water (be it lake, river, or ocean) with wild camping or more comfortable hut accommodation.

Kayaking vs Canoeing

One of the first things you may be asking is, 'What's the difference between kayaking and canoeing?'

Kayaking involves propelling a small, narrow boat using a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks are typically designed for one or two individuals who sit low in the boat with their legs extended forward. This design is generally faster and more manoeuvrable than canoes. This makes them suitable for navigating whitewater rapids, ocean surf, and other challenging water conditions.

Canoeing involves propelling a larger, open boat with a single-bladed paddle. You usually are seated on benches, and these crafts are generally more stable than kayaks, with more space for carrying gear. This makes canoes great for beginners who want to explore an area and camp in between.

Europe is fortunate to have relatively calm waters, inland lakes, and stunning estuaries that make it the perfect destination for activities by kayak or canoe. One of the most popular destinations for canoe trips is in Scotland, while Norway, The UK coastline, and Sweden are all great destinations for kayaking trips.

Most of the Kayaking and canoeing tours offered on Skyhook are guided options led by expert adventurers. These are great for everyone, from beginners to experienced paddlers. There is always someone around to assist in pitching tents or provide nuggets of interesting information.

For those who are a little more independent, we have self-guided options that supply the equipment, transport, and support you need while leaving you the freedom to explore on your own terms.

Whatever your preferences or capabilities, there's a canoeing or kayaking trip for you!

Kayaking and Canoeing Trips FAQs

For most of the Kayaking tours, you do need to be able to swim, this is for your own safety. Canoes are generally more stable and used on calmer waters as such, guides of canoe tours may accept a basic level of water competency. Please contact us beforehand if you are unsure.

Most of our tours are beginner friendly. Although having some experience in a boat will be helpful, the guide will teach you all you need to know on the first part of the trip.

When you sign up for a Skyhook Canoe or Kayak tour, the tour operator will provide you with all the equipment that you need including boats, paddles, and tents (if camping). Depending on the tour, you may also be given dry bags and special clothing (check the specific trip FAQ to be clear on what's included).

Most of our tours are guided but we do offer a self-guided Saint Anna Archipelago kayak and wild camp trip.

Compared to some other activities, kayaking and canoeing is not too strenuous. Depending on the tour, you will need to be able to paddle for around 4-6 hours a day. Don't worry, the pace is generally easy going with lots of stops along the way.

Generally, we ask that you use the equipment provided so that everyone is 'in the same boat'. You are however welcome to contact us beforehand and we can find out if using your own craft is logistically possible.

The accommodation provided differs from tour to tour. most of these trips are wild camping which means setting up and sleeping out in tents with very basic facilities. Camping in the wilderness is half the fun!

If you want to end each day in more comfort, opt for the hut edition of Hike & Kayak the Norwegian Fjords.

Yes! Around half of our clients on Skyhook are solo travelers. If you book on solo, you will be partnered up with someone else in the group.