Winter Activities

A little bit of snow won't stop you from outdoor adventures! We offer unique winter adventure holidays, specifically designed to run over the cold season. Whether you're keen to summit a snowy peak, ice-climb or, do some snowshoeing, these unique trips are for you.

Snapshot of Winter Adventures

If you are prepared to brave the cold, winter offers a unique and magical atmosphere. Engaging in outdoor activities during this season can be incredibly rewarding. Snow-covered mountains, frosty forests, and frozen lakes create a picturesque setting that is different from any other season.

Winter brings forth a variety of thrilling adventure sports, including Ice climbing, snowshoeing, and sledging. Although some mountain passes and accommodations are closed due to snow, other trekking routes remain open. Hiking and mountain climbing during winter provides an additional level of challenge and technicality.

If you sign up for one of Skyhook's winter adventure holidays, you will be paired with experienced local guides. Keep in mind that winter activities usually require some extra gear. Our tour operators generally provide the equipment and guide you through using it, even if it's your first time.

If you want to avoid the crowds, winter is often a less busy time of year for tourism. This allows you to enjoy nature in a quieter and more intimate setting. It's important to listen to advice and directions from the guides/instructors and, very importantly, remember to dress warm!

Winter Tours - FAQs

Yes, you will likely need special footwear to trek in the snow. This gear is usually included but, If you are unsure, contact your guide before the trip to confirm what's needed.

As these are winter trips there is some risk of snow storms or extreme weather. In the case that some part of the trip is no longer possible or too dangerous, the guide will need to adapt the itinerary or even cancel. Rest assured that the guides monitor weather conditions closely and will notify you of any changes as soon as possible.

Preparation is key when signing up for winter adventures. Make sure you have waterproof and thermal layers as well as a good weatherproof jacket. For more details on what to pack, refer to the FAQs of your specific tour.

Some winter tours (like beginners ice-climbing) are perfect for novices. If you are planning on trekking in winter, it's better that you have already done some long summer hikes. Snowy, cold conditions make the trails more challenging. You will need a good level of base fitness but can learn techniques like using crampons, ice picks, or snowshoes en-route.