Host FAQs

Got a question about being a Skyhook host? Read the answers to our most common host FAQs below, or contact us for more information.

FAQs: General

How does Skyhook work?

Skyhook is a booking platform where travellers (Guests) come to book unique, once-in-a-lifetime trips with trusted local guides.

Each trip on Skyhook is run by a local tour operator or guide (Host) who manages their trip and receives payment. Skyhook, through Trust My Travel, securely collects and disburses payments.

The platform also acts as a communication hub between our Hosts and Guests.

What are the criteria for selecting tour operators to work with?

All trips on Skyhook are run by small, hand-picked local guiding companies. Every Skyhook guide meets our gold standard in service, safety, and sustainability. We select our tour operators based on personal experience, best practices, and excellent service delivery.

How do I apply to be a host on Skyhook?

Reach out to us, and we'll send you information on how to apply to host.

FAQs: Running Trips

Can I set a minimum number of guests for trips to operate?

When joining Skyhook as a Host, you agree that all listed trips are guaranteed to run. We do not set minimum trip numbers, and this is often a drawcard for Guests booking.

Does Skyhook guarantee a minimum group size for trips running?

Although we commit to marketing your trips and doing our best to sell trip spaces, we are, unfortunately, unable to guarantee a minimum group size.

We do, however, encourage you to:

  • Offer the same trip dates on your own website or with other agencies.

  • Slowly introduce availability onto the Skyhook website.

  • Factor this into your initial pricing.

FAQs: Bookings

Can a Guest cancel their booking?

Yes, Guests can reschedule or cancel trips without penalty up to two months before the departure date. Should this happen, you will not receive any payment of the Host amount.

If a Guest cancels their trip with less than two months to go (minus a 7-day grace period), they do not receive a refund. Therefore, as a Host, you will ordinarily receive the full Host amount.

FAQs: Payments

How often do I get paid out for my bookings?

Trust My Travel disburses payments to all tour operators once a month. To see what amount you will be paid each month, check the statement on your dashboard. To do this:

When will I get paid?

You will be paid for a trip after it has run. These payouts are made automatically by Trust My Travel and are made once a month. This means that if you have a trip that finishes on 15 June, you'll be paid for that trip towards the beginning of July.

What date are payments made on?

Trust My Travel makes payments at the end of every month. Payments can take a few days to reflect in your bank account. Money should be with you within the first week of the month.

FAQs: Dashboard

I added a new trip to my Skyhook dashboard – how do I activate it?

Please reach out to us and let us know about your new trip. We'll then review and publish it so it's live on the Skyhook website.

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