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Manaslu Circuit

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Fitness: We advise that you train six weeks before the trek. Expect to trek at altitude for a maximum of 6 – 8 hours a day. Summit day will consist of 11 hours of trekking.

Skill Level: Beginner

Maximum Altitude: 5,213m

Days: 22



Visit the local and sacred temples situated in the heart of this capital city.


Buri Gandaki River

Begin the journey on banks of the Buri Gandaki River

Waterfalls and Monkeys!

Trek through Monkey infested forests and capture huge waterfalls along the way

Machha Khola

Continue up a steep rocky trail, over some huge rapids on The Bura Gandaki


Continue the trek up to the small village of Jagat

Buri Gandaki Valley

Head through bamboo forests as you head through the Buri Gandaki Valley, up and out of the canyon.



Continue your journey past icey lakes and towering mountains in Sho



Acclimatise with spectacular views of Manaslu, which towers above you reaching a height of 8163m




Follow the trail down to Samdo for your next acclimatisation spot 

Larkya La

Reach a high point of 5,213m as you reach your summit for the trip

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