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Mera Peak

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Fitness: We advise that you train six weeks before the trek. Expect to trek at altitude for a maximum of 6 - 8 hours per day. Summit days could include trekking for up to 11 hours.

Skill Level: Intermediate: Have experience of using crampons, axes and have rope skills: We would reccommend something similiar to our winter skills course:

Maximum Altitude: 6,476m

Days: 22



Experience a sensory overload in this hustle and bustle style city. Soak In the culture that awaits you around every corner.


Take a domestic flight to Lukla; The Gateway to the Himalayas

Nashing Dingma

Start to ascend through the valley, reaching an altitude of 2,600m

Chunbu Kharka

Continue trekking through the beautiful green landscape, ascending steeply towards Chunbu Kharka where the terrain starts to become more rugged.


Follow the river along through the rocky terrain to Tantang

Dig Kharka

Beautiful landscape views of surrounding mountains as you reach Dig Kharka


Incredible views of Mera Glacier in  Khare

Mera La

Cross spectacular snow slopes and rock shelves as you rope up and put your crampons on at Mera La

Mera Peak High Camp

You will stop at Mera Peak base camp, before heading higher up the snowy mountain to high camp

Mera Peak Summit Day

Take in the views of the worlds highest mountains as you reach the summit of Mera Peak, at an altitude of 6,476m

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