The Best Mountains to Climb in Scotland: Highland Adventures

Ready for a highland adventure with a fling? If you're in the UK, we recommend looking for the best mountains to climb in Scotland. 
This county is home to some of the highest and best mountains to climb in the UK, from Ben Nevis to Aonach Beag.
At Skyhook, we understand how being spoilt for options, especially when selecting mountaineering adventures, can take a toll on you.
So, we want to narrow down the list of Scottish mountains to climb so you can make a faster decision. 
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Ready to get hiking? Here are the best mountains in Scotland to hike first!
Ben Nevis' stunning landscape.

Ben Nevis

One of the most popular mountains to climb in Scotland is the mighty Ben Nevis. 
Known as the highest peak in the British Isles, this colossal giant soars to an impressive 1,345 metres (4,413 feet) above sea level.
Climbing Ben Nevis is a rite of passage for any avid mountaineer - a challenging ascent coupled with awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape.
The journey begins at the base of Ben Nevis, where you'll traverse through lush greenery, gradually ascending into more rugged terrain. As you climb, the beauty of the Scottish Highlands unfolds, with every step revealing a panorama that seems straight out of a postcard. 
And if you are an avid adventurer, you can even hike Ben Nevis and canoe through Scotland! It might just be the best way to enjoy the highlands and experience one of the most famous mountains of the world up-close.
Ben Macdui summit - (wikimedia commons)
Monument at Ben Macdui.

Ben Macdui

If you are seeking a slightly quieter but equally captivating climb, Ben Macdui is a hidden gem among mountains to climb in Scotland. 
At 1,309 metres (4,295 feet), it is the second-highest peak in the country and offers a more tranquil escape for climbers.
You'll find yourself surrounded by the serenity of the Cairngorms National Park. The route to the summit offers undulating landscapes, heather-covered slopes, and breathtaking vistas.
Finally, the top provides a sense of accomplishment, and the panoramic views from the summit stretch as far as the eye can see!
Buachaille Etive Mor from the base.

Buachaille Etive Mor

If iconic beauty is what you seek, then Buachaille Etive Mor is a mountain to add to your Scottish bucket-list.
The 2,022 metre high pyramid-shaped peak is a symbol of the Scottish Highlands and stands proudly at the entrance to Glencoe.
The climb is challenging, making it one of the hardest mountains to climb in Britain. With that said, the rewards are unparalleled, with panoramic views of Glencoe and the surrounding peaks.
Scaling the rugged slopes of Buachaille Etive Mor combines technical climbing skills with the sheer joy of being surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery.
The changing colours of the landscape, from the green valleys to the rocky crags, create a visual masterpiece that unfolds with every step of your ascent. 
The beautiful Ben Lomond landscape.

Ben Lomond

When you want to explore the southern reaches of Scotland, Ben Lomond is a prominent figure among mountains you can climb.
Rising above Loch Lomond, this 974-metre peak offers a more accessible climb without compromising on the scenic beauty that Scotland is renowned for. By and large, it's one of the best beginner mountains to climb in the UK.
While you scale Ben Lomond, the shimmering waters of Loch Lomond accompany you, providing a picturesque backdrop to your climb. 
The well-maintained paths make this mountain suitable for climbers of varying skill levels - an ideal choice if you're new to mountain climbing. Reaching the summit will unveil a breathtaking panorama of the Southern Highlands and the diversity of Scotland's landscapes.
flickr - nick bramhall - cairn gorm (from loch avon)
The Cairn Gorm landscape from Loch Avon.

Cairn Gorm

If the idea of combining adventure with wilderness appeals to you, then Cairn Gorm is a must on your list of mountains to climb in Scotland.
Located in the heart of the Cairngorms, this peak offers a unique climbing experience, with rocky terrain and alpine landscapes that transport you to a world of untamed beauty.
The ascent of Cairn Gorm is a journey through high-altitude wilderness, with the changing scenery providing a sense of isolation and tranquility.
As you climb higher, the vast expanses of the Cairngorms National Park unfold, showcasing Scotland's wild side. 
flickr - nick bramhall - ridge to ben lawers
A view of Ben Lawers from the top.

Ben Lawers

Ben Lawers is a testament to the country's natural grandeur. It is the highest peak in the southern part of the Scottish Highlands, commanding attention at 1,214 metres (3,983 feet) above sea level. 
Its iconic silhouette against the sky beckons adventurous climbers seeking a challenging ascent and an opportunity to experience the pristine wilderness of central Scotland.
The climb up Ben Lawers offers a diverse landscape, from grassy slopes to craggy peaks, ensuring that every step unveils a new facet of Scotland's natural beauty.
The panoramic views from the summit stretch across Loch Tay and the surrounding mountains for a visual feast that rewards the effort of the ascent and should make your bucket list mountains to climb
The snowy peaks of Glencoe in Scotland.


From the iconic Ben Nevis to the tranquil escape of Ben Macdui and the symbolic beauty of Buachaille Etive Mor, Scotland's peaks promise awe-inspiring experiences to mountaineers of varying skill levels.
Embark on a Highland adventure and conquer some of the best mountains to climb in Europe, each offering a unique blend of mixed terrain and breathtaking scenery.
At Skyhook Adventure, we offer several UK tours where you can experience the accessible beauty of this country first-hand.
With each summit you reach, it's an unforgettable journey through Scotland's diverse landscapes.

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