Exploring The Sacred Valley Cusco: 9 Must-Do Activities

Curious about the Sacred Valley Cusco and reasons why you should visit Machu Picchu? The Sacred Valley is a treasure trove of history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes. 
Nestled in the heart of the former Inca Empire, this valley offers a glimpse into Peru's rich past but also serves as a gateway to an array of unforgettable Peru tours
Join us at Skyhook as we unveil Machu Picchu facts and the wonders of this extraordinary region, with Cusco attractions that are perfect for the adventurous traveller.

Quick Facts About the Cusco Sacred Valley

Before you embark on your journey to the Cusco Sacred Valley, here are some essential facts to enhance your visit to this historical and natural wonder.

Quick Facts About the Cusco Sacred Valley


Stretching from Pisac to Machu Picchu in Peru


Approximately 100 kilometers in length


Stable temperatures with two distinct seasons - wet and dry

Average Daytime Temperature

Varies, generally mild to warm

Average Nighttime Temperature

Cooler, especially in higher altitudes

Historical Significance

Heart of the Inca Empire, with numerous archaeological sites

Main Attractions

Pisac Market, Ollantaytambo Ruins, Moray and Maras Salt Pans

Popular Activities

Hiking, cultural tours, adventure sports

Best Time to Visit

May to September (Dry Season)

9 Top Attractions and Activities in the Sacred Valley

Are you keen to explore this fascinating site? Whether you’re on the famous 4-Day Inca Trail or visiting Machu Picchu, here are our favourite reasons to stop by the Sacred Valley and things to do near Machu Picchu.
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Cultural and Historical Sites

Delving into the Sacred Valley is like stepping back in time, where each site whispers tales of a bygone era. Here are some must-visit cultural and historical landmarks:

1. Pisac Market & Inca Ruins

Begin your journey at the vibrant Pisac Market, a bustling hub where local artisans showcase their crafts and produce. Just a short drive away, the Pisac Ruins await. 
These ruins are a testament to the Inca’s architectural prowess, featuring military, agricultural, and religious structures sprawling over a large complex. 
The ‘Royal Sector’ offers a particularly stunning view, making it an ideal spot for history buffs and photography enthusiasts.

2. Ollantaytambo Ruins and Town

Ollantaytambo, a living example of Inca town planning, offers a unique glimpse into the past. Wander through its cobbled streets, lined with quaint cafes, before exploring the remarkable Inca ruins. 
Originally a royal residence, these ruins exhibit some of the finest stonework outside of Machu Picchu, making them an unmissable stop in the valley.

3. Moray and Maras

Moray, often likened to a dug-out amphitheatre, continues to baffle scientists with its purpose. This intriguing site, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, offers a unique look into Incan innovation. 
Nearby, the Maras Salt Pans, a network of terraced salt evaporation ponds, present a stunning and unusual landscape, reflecting centuries of Incan ingenuity in resource utilization.
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Adventure and Outdoor Activities

The Sacred Valley isn’t just a historical marvel but also a playground for the adventurous. Here’s where you can get your adrenaline fix:

4. White River Rafting and Mountain Biking in Ollantaytambo

Ollantaytambo offers thrilling whitewater rafting experiences along its dynamic rivers for those craving excitement. Complement this aquatic adventure with mountain biking across varied terrains, offering a blend of challenge and scenic beauty.

5. Paragliding

Elevate your adventure by paragliding over the Sacred Valley. This activity offers unparalleled views of the valley’s deep gorges and lush landscapes, providing a unique perspective of this ancient land with a sneak peek of Machu Picchu animals roaming around the area.
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6. Ziplining in Action Valley

For an ultimate rush, head to Action Valley. Here, you can experience South America’s highest bungee jump and an exhilarating 110-meter zip line. This heart-pounding adventure, combined with lush jungle treks and optional quad bike tours, makes for an unforgettable day in the valley.

Local Experiences

Aside from hiking to Machu Picchu, for travellers seeking authentic Peruvian experiences, the Sacred Valley offers unique opportunities to connect with local customs and flavours:

7. Weaving Cooperative in Chincheros

Visit Chincheros, a village celebrated for its weaving heritage. Join the local weaving cooperative, where you can learn the art of traditional Peruvian weaving, a craft passed down through generations. This hands-on experience provides a deep appreciation for the region’s cultural richness.

8. Culinary Adventure with Cuy

Embrace the local cuisine by trying Cuy, a Peruvian delicacy known internationally as Guinea Pig. Sample this traditional dish, which has been a staple in Peruvian diets for over 5,000 years, in various preparations across the valley’s restaurants.

9. Staying in Skylodge

Book a night at the Skylodge – glass rooms suspended on the side of a cliff for a truly unique stay. This experience combines the thrill of height with unparalleled views of the valley, offering a night under the stars like no other. It is ideal for those seeking both luxury and adventure.

Sacred Valley FAQs

Here are the answers to some burning questions about the Sacred Valley.

Is the Sacred Valley worth visiting?

Without a doubt, exploring the Sacred Valley is a must-do while on your way to Machu Picchu from Cusco.

How do you get from Cusco to the Sacred Valley?

Most tourists reach the Valley through an organized tour. However, if you prefer an alternative way, you can board PeruRail's trains from Cusco to Ollantaytambo and then hire a taxi to take you around. Another option is to hire a taxi from Cusco.

How much time should I spend in the Sacred Valley?

We suggest you spend around 2 days in the Sacred Valley. This gives you ample time to explore all the sites and attractions and adjust to Machu Picchu altitude sickness.

How do you get around in the Sacred Valley?

Local buses, typically small combis or colectivos, are the most convenient and cost-effective means of transportation to and within the Sacred Valley. These buses are often full of local charm, but they may not offer much in the way of comfort.
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With so many exciting things to do in the Sacred Valley, we highly recommend adding this fascinating site to your Peru tours. With great Machu Picchu travel insurance, Skyhook Adventure and our vetted guides by your side, we promise an adventure catering to all types of travellers.

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