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Salkantay Trek - What's the Altitude Like?

The highest point is 4,600m or 15100 ft.

That’s pretty high!

At this height, there’s about 50% of the oxygen we’re used to. That means simply walking is challenging. Ty to run? You’ll probably last about 30 seconds before stopping to catch your breath.

If you’re new to high-altitude trekking, it’s an interesting and often fun experience. However you also have to be careful.

On the trek, your experienced and qualified guides will talk to you about the first signs of altitude sickness – things like a mild headache. This is so you can let them know if you’re feeling anything, and they’ll make sure to take action (often just an extra break is enough). Your safety is of course always the first priority!

The good news though, is that our 8-day itinerary allows the right amount of time to acclimatise well. That means you can focus on enjoying the incredible views!

If you have any questions about altitude, feel free to drop us a message. We’re all qualified guides in the office, and happy to help!

Alan Cooney
NF High Mountain Guide