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The Salkantay Trek - Why 8 Days?

Why 8 Days?

The way I see it – if you’re going all the way to Peru, you don’t want to miss out!

Some people go for a 5-day shortened version, and that can work out well. The problem is though - that you miss two things:

Number 1 – The Sacred Valley & ruins of Pisac. Simply incredible Inca ruins, on a humongous scale!
Number 2 – The Blue Lagoon. You can swim – but it’s super cold! The crystal-clear waters are fed by glaciers on the far side you see. If you don’t brave the waters however, you can still enjoy some of the best views of the trip!

8 days also allows you to enjoy the 4,650m (15,300ft) Salkantay Pass. As a mountain guide myself, I find it’s a bit much to head up that high on the second day.

By taking 8 days you can enjoy the hiking more, and really appreciate one of the most special places in the world.

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Alan Cooney
NF High Mountain Guide