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Top 10 Climbing Instagrams

1. Alex Honnold

Apart from being one of the boldest free climbers in the world, and current holder of the speed record for The Nose Of El Capitan, Alex passionately campaigns for access rights and runs his own foundation. His photos are pretty impressive too!


So stoked to realize a life dream today :) @jimmy_chin photo

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2. Jimmy Chin

Jimmy is often known as "the man behind the camera" for National Geographic, and has taken many of the best photos of Alex Honnold (including the one above). He's actually also an incredible climber, and has summited Everest with about 5kg of camera gear on his back. Impressive!


Not to brag...but our kitchen game was strong... @thenorthface @yeti #tnfantarctica17

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3. Shauna Coxsey

As a two-time bouldering world cup winner, Shauna is pretty well qualified to give training inspiration! She also shares photos of some of the most incredible (and difficult) routes around the world.

5. Will Gadd

We can't really miss up on the opportunity to share one of our favourite ice climbers! Will Gadd literally wrote the book on ice climbing, and nowdays he travels the world climbing incredible routes like the one below!


At the intersection of wild places and wild dreams there’s this place, Helmcken Falls. When I started mixed climbing with @jeffloweclimber this is what we had in our wildest dreams. Ten years ago I saw a picture of helmcken Falls on the web. The waterfall was never going to freeze, but what about that spray ice on the walls? When @timemmett and I saw the place in real life we had no idea what to do with it. It was so much bigger, wilder, cooler and scarier than anything I’d ever imagined. And the climbing was even better.Now @huens, @christianpondella, and and I are back, but to try and climb here using the prototype gear that @blackdiamond and I developed for Niagara Falls... it’s already been interesting, and today is gonna involve some whippers and flying metal! @redbullcanada @arcteryx @sterlingrope @scarpana #dreams #hellyeah

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6. Calum Muskett

Some of you might recognised Calum from our Ice Climbing courses in Norway. Here he is making his way up one of the hardest routes in the country - Lipton (Wi7). Nice!


Callum leading the final pitch of Lipton in Rjukan

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7. Sasha Digiulian

Probably the most insta-famous climber in the world!

8. David Lama

Son of a Nepalese mountain guide, and all-round incredible alpinist David Lama regularly shares great videos and photos from the world's toughest mountains.

9. Hazel Findlay

Hazel is a British professional climber and coach. She's best known for attacking hard and dangerous trad routes in the UK and Yosemite, California.

10. Skyhook Adventure!

Of course we can't write this without mentioning our own page, filled with photos from our photographers, instructors and guests. In the photo below instructor Tom (and Lars behind the camera) were instagraming about a multi-pitch course they were running.


Sliding down to the #lowergorge for some #iceclimbing

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