Tour du Mont Blanc: 8 Tips From Previous Guests


The Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging and rewarding trek through France, Italy, and Switzerland that circles the Mont Blanc massif, the highest mountain in western Europe. Many hikers embark on this journey every year to enjoy the stunning views and the unique cultural experiences along the way.

In this blog post we dug through over 300 Skyhook guest reviews, to share the common themes and tips.

Happy faces from a recent team on the Tour du Mont Blanc
  1. Prepare for the physical challenge. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging hike, so it's a good idea to train beforehand to ensure you have the fitness and stamina to complete the hike comfortably. "Make sure to get your fitness up before you come as it will make the experience more enjoyable!" advises Sally.

  2. Be prepared for basic accommodations. While the accommodations along the Tour du Mont Blanc are comfortable, they are also basic. Often, they’re in very remote locations, where supplies have to be helicoptered in. Monika suggested bringing earplugs to deal with heavy snorers in shared dorms.

  3. Pack appropriate clothing. It is essential to pack appropriate clothing for the trek, as the weather can be unpredictable. Eric said that he was lucky with the weather during his trek, but other hikers warned that it can snow even in the summer. Leigh said that the views were "unbelievable" but recommended bringing waterproof clothing and layers to prepare for any weather conditions.

  4. Enjoy the cultural experiences. The Tour du Mont Blanc provides an opportunity to experience the unique cultures of France, Italy, and Switzerland. Many hikers mentioned the excellent food and wine along the way. Nicola said that their guide, Ben, even sorted out her surprise birthday cake. Sally said that the trek provided "amazing views" and an "amazing experience."

  5. Pack appropriately: It's important to pack light, but also bring the right gear and clothing for the hike. "Pack layers, a good raincoat, and good hiking boots," suggests Karen. "Don't forget to bring a buff or hat to protect from the sun," adds Leigh.

  6. Be prepared for varying weather conditions: The weather can change quickly in the mountains, so it's important to be prepared for varying conditions. "Bring clothing for all types of weather - you never know what you're going to get!" warns Eric.

  7. Embrace the experience: The Tour du Mont Blanc is not just about the hiking, but also the culture and camaraderie with fellow hikers. "Embrace the cultural experiences - wine, cheese, and meat!" suggests Colin. "Enjoy the scenery and the company of your fellow hikers," adds Prisha.

  8. Take care of your body: It's important to take care of your body during the hike, especially with all the physical exertion. "Bring plenty of snacks and water to keep your energy levels up," advises Tom. "Don't forget to stretch at the end of each day to avoid sore muscles," adds Nicola.

  9. To sum up, the Tour du Mont Blanc is a challenging but rewarding adventure that requires physical preparation and appropriate packing. But the experience is well worth the effort, providing stunning views and unique cultural experiences along the way. No wonder it’s one of our all-time highest reviewed trips!