Would you like to learn how to climb independently outdoors?

The Outdoor Top Rope Course is for people who already know how to belay and tie into the climbing rope, and want to learn how to setup the ropes outdoors.

If you don't know these things yet, why not check out our beginners Rock & Boulder Experience instead?

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11:00am meet at Harrisons Rocks

The Rocks are well connected with public transport; about an hour from London and a 10-minute bus ride from Tunbridge Wells (the 281).

Upon arrival, we'll do introductions and you'll meet the rest of the group.


After a short stroll through the woods, we arrive at the rock face.

The morning kicks off with us setting up the ropes in a group, and a refresher in belaying and tying in if you need it.

From there, we'll buddy you up and get you scaling the rock face. With climbs for all abilities and instructors on hand to assist with any sticking points, you'll be perched on the top of the rock face before you know it. Three hours later, coffee and lunch.


After lunch we mix the teams up and you choose some new routes from the guidebook.

Then you can have fun setting up and trying as many routes as you want, and the instructors are on hand to make sure everyone climbs safely and is having a good time.

Finish and debrief

5:00pm debrief and finish. After a long day of climbing, you're exhausted and the local pub is temptingly close for a celebratory drink and chatter with the group.

1. Requirements

You must be over 18 and already know how to belay. Don't worry if it's been a while - we'll be more than happy to give you a refresher at the beginning.

2. Logistics

Drive to Harrisons Rocks, or take the direct train from Waterloo/London Bridge to Tunbridge Wells and then a taxi or the 291 bus (12 minutes to Groombridge).

When you sign up we add you to a Facebook group, so that you can arrange transport with other participants.

3. Equipment

Skyhook Adventure will provide all specialist equipment. You must bring with you:

  • Loose fitting comfortable clothes
  • Waterproof jacket and warm layer
  • Climbing shoes
  • Food for lunch and plenty of water