Hadrian's Wall Highlights

United Kingdom

Follow in the footsteps of Roman soldiers and legionnaires as you hike 75km along the most impressive section of Hadrian’s Wall – one of the most iconic sights of the Roman Empire.


Day 1: Arrival

You’ll meet your guide at the accommodation in Carlisle. It's here that you'll have a brief about the hike, before heading out for a pub dinner.

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The start of your adventure is in Crosby-on-Eden, where we’ll start our adventure! In this area much of the wall is still evident in the form of large ditches and old ruins. In addition, some of the milecastles and turrets can be seen in this area. Towards the end of the day you'll reach one of the more significant points on the journey – Birdoswald Roman Fort and Visitor Centre, which is then closely followed by the site of a long gone Roman Bridge on the edge of Gilsland, your home for the night.

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After a hearty breakfast, you'll head towards Thirlwall Castle - built in the 12th century with stones scavenged from the remains of Hadrian’s Wall. The feeling of the walk then takes a bit of a change, with the area feeling wilder and more remote as you head up onto the Northumberland Moors - this is the heart of Hadrian’s Wall country.

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You'll pass through two Roman forts today – Vercovicivm and Brocolitia. Descending towards the River North Tyne you'll find Cilvrnvm Roman Fort, which marks your departure point from the wall. Beyond here the wall is mostly buried under modern roads, so you'll take a turn south east and head for your finishing point of Hexham - a wonderful market town built around the 7th century Abbey.

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  • Guides
  • Accommodation
  • Meals as per the itinerary
  • Transfers during trip



  • Travel insurance
  • Personal Equipment
  • Travel to/from the trip

Start: You'll meet at 7pm at the accommodation in Carlisle, on day 1 of the itinerary. You’ll receive full details of the accommodation after booking.

End: Your trip will end in Hexham at around 5pm on the last day of the itinerary. 

You'll be accommodated at local Hostels/hotels along the route. Exact details will be shared after booking. For your planning purposes, use Carlisle as the start location. Expect wifi, warm showers and shared rooms. 

The weather in the mountains can be unpredictable at any time of year – you have the flexibility to start earlier or later to avoid the worst of the weather. On vary rare occasions the weather may force a more drastic change of route. If this occurs your Mountain guide will discuss the options with you at the earliest opportunity during the event.  

To fully enjoy the trip you need to be in good physical condition and not completely new to exercise and activity on mountainous terrain. Your body and mind will need to cope with sustained activity, over a number of hours, on a variety of terrain, with steep descents and ascents, on very rocky ground at times. Please discuss personal issues on fitness and experience with us; we can offer advice on preparation. The guides will ask you to complete a Booking Form declaring health and medical conditions in advance of your event. They need to know about how best to support you on the mountains.  

The maximum group size is 10. 

18, or 16 if accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

Day 1: NA

Day 2: Breakfast and Lunch

Day 3: Breakfast and Lunch 

Day 4: Breakfast and Lunch 

For dinner, you'll have the option to visit local pubs and restaurants. The guides can cater for most dietary requirements for breakfast and lunch.

Day 1: NA

Day 2: 25km

Day 3: 21km

Day 4: 29km

  • Rucksack (at least 25 litres) and liner or bags to keep rain out
  • Comfortable walking boots or shoes with rugged sole/tread (gym trainers are not appropriate) 
  • Walking socks – breathable/not cotton (multiple pairs) 
  • Base layer – synthetic/breathable and not cotton 
  • Walking trousers and shorts – not jeans (option of full leg cover required even if you usually wear shorts) 
  • Warm, fleece layer (ideally windproof) and spare, warmer layer in rucksack 
  • Waterproof jacket with hood (with ‘taped seams’ – needed to be waterproof) 
  • Waterproof trousers (separate to your walking trousers) 
  • Warm hat and sun hat – both options will be needed 
  • Warm gloves 
  • Headtorch (not hand-torch) and spare batteries 
  • Trekking poles are advisable 
  • Personal medication, blister treatment, suncream, painkillers 
  • Sandwich bags for sealing articles (including mobile phone) 
  • Reusable bottles or hydration bladder that equal 2 litres 
  • Battery pack to re-charge phone on/off the hill or on the move  

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