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Hike, Kayak and Wild Camp the Norwegian Fjords


4-day adventure around a Norwegian paradise, passing incredible fjords and sleeping under the stars.

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Day 1: Arrive in Stavanger

You will be picked up at 4 pm from Stavanger Airport or 4:45 pm from Sandnes Sentrum Station (train station), and then driven to the cabin.

After you have settled in, the guides will prepare a nice dinner for you and explain the details for the following day. This trip includes all food, accommodation, equipment and airport transfers.

Day 2: Kayaking the Lysefjord

After breakfast, you will head out for a full day of kayaking on the Lysefjord. For those that want to, you will have an opportunity to learn some skills along the way, before stopping for lunch.

In the afternoon you will arrive back at your wild camp, with enough time to relax a little. There is also an option to go for a short walk and get a better view of the fjord.

The evening will be spent around the campfire and under the stars. Sit back and relax, whilst your guides cook up a delicious dinner on the open fire.

Day 3: Hike above the Fjords to Pulpit Rock

Wake up in Norwegian paradise, whilst enjoying a nice cup of coffee over breakfast. This will prepare you for the day's hike up Pulpit Rock - the views are incredible!

After enjoying views of the fjord from above, you will head back down to your campsite for dinner around the fire.

Day 4: Kayak further into Lysefjord before heading home

It's time to get back in the kayaks, for another breath-taking paddle, further into Lysefjord. Explore the waterfalls and incredible cliff faces, and see Pulpit Rock from below! Keep an eye out for the seals, which are common in the area.

You will arrive back at Stavanger airport by 4 pm for your flight home.


What's Included

  • Professional guides.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Meals during the trip.
  • Accommodation during the trip.
  • Kayak & paddle.
  • Paddling clothing: Dry suit, neoprene boots & buoyancy aid.
  • Tent and a sleeping mat.
Not Included
  • International flights.
  • Sleeping bag (available to rent for 225NOK).
  • Weather-appropriate clothing.
  • Travel insurance.
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135 verified reviews


(Jun 2024)

Unforgettable trip, had an amazing few days seeing the beauty of the fjords with a great host in Mathilde. Would highly recommended!


(Jun 2024)

We had a fabulous 4 day kayaking, hiking and wild camping trip with Mathilda from Nordic Paddling She was a great guide, fun , enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I traveled with four friends and we were joined by 2 others. Great company for a memorable trip. The only thing that would have improved our experience was the weather. It rained a lot, but we were prepared . I can highly recommend the trip


(Jun 2024)

Loved it. A great adventure in spectacular scenery with lots of weather! I've returned happily exhausted and better for it. Mathilde, our guide, is smart, fun and knowledgeable. She encouraged us to experience all nature has to offer in this dramatic landscape always with a keen eye on our safety. I'd say - pay attention to the Nordic Paddling packing list and throw yourself in to the trip with gusto.


(Jun 2024)

Had a fabulous time with Mattias our guide. The trip was amazing with a good mix of paddling and walking, the views from the camp were spectacular. The ability to enjoy the fjords from the kayak was awesome.


(Jun 2024)

I had a fantastic time. We got mixed weather but that made it more of an adventure Kayaking over rough water. The guide Mathias was great, showing us all the sights and cooking great food at camp. Swam in a fjord and hike up to pulpit rock, will definately book again. Absolute first class experience x



Before you go

You don't need any kayaking experience to enjoy this adventure - the guides are great at making it enjoyable for all abilities. You'll need a moderate level of fitness. The kayaking is 6 hours of relaxed paddling each day, with plenty of breaks along the way. The hike is quite steep to start, with a total altitude gain of 600m, and can be quite challenging when wet. Don't worry though, there is no rush to get to the top and you can take it at your own pace. The guides may also offer to take you on a shorter hike, but this is weather depending. Please note that you must weigh less than 110kg to participate in this trip, as this is the maximum for our safety equipment.

See inclusions and exclusions section above.

You will need to carry all of the gear you need during the trip in the kayaks. You can bring a suitcase for travel, and you'll get a chance on the first night to repack and leave any excess in the van where it will remain until the end of the trip. You may not be able to access this during the trip. Below you'll find the required gear for participation throughout the entire trip. Personal - Wallet + credit card - Travel documents (+ travel insurance) - Passport / Personal ID - Water bottle (0,5-1 liter) - Sleeping bag + compression sack - Toilet accessories and personal hand sanitizer (+ any personal medication) - Personal toilet kit (paper, hand-sanitizer) - Blister kit (Contains e.g. Compeed, sports tape/kinesiology tape) - Small pack for storing lunch and water during the hike (recommended) - Sitting pad - Mosquito net (head) + spray (recommended) Paddling - Dry bags (to keep your things dry) - we recommend 3-4 x 15litre bags for easy packing in the kayak. - Sunglasses + a strap - Sunscreen - Cap to protect your eyes Clothes - Hardshell jacket (waterproof) - Rain pants (recommended) - Camp pants long & shorts - Tshirts - 2 x Thermal/wool underlayer, pants (no cotton!) - 2 x Thermal/wool underlayer, long-sleeve shirt (no cotton!) - Underwear - Socks (wool) - Beanie/Buff - Wool / fleece / down middle-layer - Hiking boots - Towel (recommended) - Swimwear Electronics - Head-Torch / flashlight (optional in May-July) - Phone + charger (recommended) - Power bank (recommended) - Camera (recommended)

Yes! Most people are solo travellers.

Yes. You can rent a sleeping bag + liner for 225NOK, this will be paid directly to the operator on arrival. !NB! You need to add this in your form prior to arrival.

There will be a few opportunities to buy home-brewed coffee and try local chocolate. You may want to bring a few Norwegian Krone (NOK), if you wish to buy any extra snacks along the way. Credit cards are accepted most places.

Yes, and you can find discount codes on your Skyhook dashboard once you've booked.

Please note that you must weigh less than 110kg to participate in this trip, as this is the maximum for our safety equipment.

On your trip

The maximum size is 8 people. For 2024 group size may increase up to 12 people per group.

The hike to Pulpit Rock is at moderate difficulty. The hike is 400 meters in altitude over a distance of 4km to the top, giving the hike a total of 8 km. The total average hike time is estimated to be 5-7 hours. The hike is suitable for anyone in a normal good physical shape and with some prior hiking experience.

Yes - you must be able to swim to attend this trip. You will be asked to complete a waiver when you attend the trip.

Water Whilst doing adventurous activities, it is important to carry enough water and stay hydrated. We strongly recommend taking between two and three litres of water. Your guide can give you advice on where to get water each day. This is often likely to be from a fresh stream, so please bring purification tablets if you feel it necessary. Food You will have the chance to taste a great variety of local specialities. The breakfast includes porridge, eggs, bacon, bread and coffee/tea. For lunch, you will be given sandwiches and fruit. For dinner, you will enjoy local food, cooked on an open fire. If you have any food restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerance, etc) please make us aware of this when completing your registration form, found on your Skyhook dashboard. The guides can cater for most people.

You can stay at camp if you would rather relax for the day.

Winter season (Nov – Mar) Winter in Norway can be extremely cold, with temperatures in some northern parts reaching as cold as -40 degrees Celsius. In Stavanger, temperatures can go as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Shoulder (Apr– May & Oct) Temperatures in Stavanger can vary at this time of year. Lows of minus 5 degrees Celsius and highs of 10 degrees Celsius. There can be some chances of rain, with May turning very green. High Season (Jun – Sep) June to Sept can be comparable to British summer, with daytime temperatures ranging from 8 – 25 degrees Celsius. There can be some rain. The weather in the mountains (and the fjords) can be quite unpredictable and weather situations can change very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to be always prepared for such a change. Please note that in the case of adverse weather conditions, the itinerary may need to be changed significantly. At all times safety will be taken to be the first priority.

You stay in a dormitory-style cabin on day 1. The cabin has showers and a kitchen. There's cellular reception. Cabins may vary depending on the availability at the time. The wild camp will be in tents on the side of the fjords. There will be very basic toilet facilities at these camps, so it is important that you bring toilet roll and hand sanitizer.

It is not mandatory but always nice to show your appreciation to the guides.

Day 1 - Arrival day (No kayaking or hiking today). Day 2 - Distance: 16km, Time: 6 hours, Activity: Kayaking. Day 3 - Distance: 7km, Time: 5 - 7 hours, Activity: Hiking. Day 4 - Distance: 16km, Time: 6 hours, Activity: Kayaking

We recommend bringing a dry bag if you need to keep any valuables dry (e.g. camera/phone) - you can find these affordably at stores such as Alpkit, Decathlon or Cotswold, and some discount codes are available on your dashboard.

Yes, luggage that you don't need during the trip can be stored on the transport which will remain at the start/endpoint throughout the trip.

A traditional Norwegian cabin on the side of the fjord - our primary cabin is Nodhagen Turistforeningshytte, 4303 Sandes, Norway. We will confirm the final cabin location 3 months prior to the trip.

Start: You can be picked up at 4:00 PM from Stavanger Airport or 4:45 PM from Sandnes Sentrum Station (train station) on the first day of your trip. The guide will be at the pickup location 15 min before the pickup time and will remain there until 15 minutes after in case of delays. If you can't make the pick-up, it's a 40-minute taxi ride to the start location, which can be relatively expensive in Norway. Meeting point Stavanger Airport: The driver will be waiting for you at the departures entrance (100m from the arrivals). He's parked in a white minibus and got a sign with Skyhook / Nordic Paddling. Meeting point Sandnes Sentrum Station: We'll meet you in front of Sandnes Tourist Office located at the south end of the station. End: You'll be dropped back at the airport for 4:00 PM on the last day.

We'll supply you with a full dry suit solution including paddling boots to wear only when kayaking. The suit is mandatory to use in the shoulder seasons (May-June + October). Underneath the suit we recommend wearing long sleeve woollen underwear (merino) or any synthetic thermals - just no cotton! In the mid season (July-September) we'll supply with paddling jacket and shoes. Use shorts for paddling and a long sleeve layer underneath the jacket (again, no cotton!). Bring an extra pair of socks to use in the neoprene boots!

Meeting point Stavanger Airport: The driver will be waiting for you at the departures entrance (100m from the arrivals). He's parked in a white minibus and got a sign with Skyhook / Nordic Paddling. Meeting point Sandnes Sentrum Station: We'll meet you in front of Sandnes Tourist Office located at the south end of the station. The guide will be at the pickup location 15 min before the pickup time and will remain there maximum 15 min after in case of delays.

In instances of bad weather, please be aware that significant changes may be necessary for your itinerary. The guides will always prioritise your safety above everything else.

Other FAQs

All solo travellers will be offered an 1-person tent for the camping nights. The cabin on the first night is dormitory-style (men and women divided), with warm showers.

The minimum age is 18 years, or 16 years if accompanied by a parent/guardian.

The kayaks used are double kayaks.

Yes, it is possible to leave earlier, by ordering a taxi at your own cost (we can help you with this). However, you might not be able to join the paddling activity to make it back in time. Estimated costs for a taxi to Stavanger Airport Saturday-Sunday: 1850NOK + road taxes Weekdays: 1550NOK + road taxes

Laundry facilities are not available on this trip

The currency used in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK). We recommend changing your money before you arrive as it will be difficult to do so once you start your journey.

The trips are run with double kayaks because they are stable yet quite fast and can suit any experience level. You do need to have significantly more experience if you want to use a single kayak. If you do, we ask you to present a 3-star certification, so we know you have the required skills to paddle in the fjords. There is no guarantee that single kayaks will be available however, as it will also depend on conditions and availability.

Your head guide is Rasmus

All trips on Skyhook are run by small, hand-picked local guiding companies. For this trip your guides run Nordic Paddling, based in Forsand.

By booking through Skyhook you'll be joining a small-group trip. This can make it nice and sociable (you'll be added to a group chat after booking), and guarantees great value for money!