Montenegro Hike & Bike Adventure


If you are looking for a true physical challenge amidst Montenegro's wildest mountains, here you go! This trip consists of five connecting stages. The first three covered on foot, the latter two on MTB. Only once we cross an asphalt road. Let's hope this says enough. It's true European Wilderness you are entering. On this fully serviced formula you can count on the support of our legendary duo, consisting of a guide for smooth hiking & cycling without getting lost, and our cook/driver. The latter transports luggage and tents from bivouac to bivouac in his 4x4 and prepares your daily calories. Delicious fresh food & even cold beer will be available even at the most remote bivouac.


Day 1: Into the Wild

From Podgorica airport it is just a bit more then an hour drive to a completely different world. The fire is on, drinks are chilled and the bivouac is prepared. All you have to do is plunge in the lake & warm at the fire afterwards. After a good dinner we drift asleep in the tents.

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We test our gear & the group on a vice versa hike to Mount Stitan. Located in the heart of a barely visited mountain range, this immediately gives you a sense if what to expect over the next days.

10 km | +950m | - 950m

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Today we move on to the next bivouac, the highest of this trip at 1900m. It's a truly wonderful hike that includes again a 2000+ summit. We will recognize the shepherd church, where we pitch our tents, from afar and if the hike gets heavy, the smell of our cooks stew will motivate you for the last bits. We pass through several shepherd pastures and will certainly meet a few local men walking the sheep or old baba's knitting woolen socks in the shade of a tree.

20 km | +1100m | -700m

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Three remarkable summits dominate the scenery of today. We will not tackle them, but we will take the trail that cuts through the heart of the area; a magical valley called Medjukomlje. At the end of the hike we get to rest our feet at the Stavna Lodges. Expect a real bed, a warm shower, a wood stove and the good company of other hikers.

13 km | +750m | -800m

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After a lazy breakfast the bikes will be delivered and at an easy pace we pedal into the Bjelasica mountains. Todays stage is the only one that can be classified as "mild" , so plenty of time for a chitchat, long breaks on sunny meadows and drinks with the local shepherds.

The lodges where we spent the last night of the tour are set on a pristine summer pasture.

25 km | +600m | -550m

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The final section of the trip is a 35 km ride to Biogradsko lake. The first couple of hours the route goes up and down and also contains flat sections to simply cycle & enjoy. After the Bendovac viewpoint it is 1 straight descend to the lake. On this thrill of a ride you loose over 1000 meters of altitude.

Chill down with a swim in the lake or a drink at the terrace while you wait for our driver to collect you. Bikes remain in Kolasin, while you will be transferred back to the capital Podgorica, where we aim to arrive at 19:00.

35 km | +850m | -1550m

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All meals (3x daily) from dinner day 1 until lunch day 6

Transfer from Podgorica airport to the start of the trekking

Transfer form the end of the trekking back to Podgorica

Professional hike & cycle guide during all the stages

Bike rental 2 days including helmet

3 nights: Tents, sleeping bags & inflatable matress

2 nights in lodges

Luggage transport between the bivouacs

National park entrance fees

Drinks at the dinners


Personal expenses

Backpack that fits a lunchpack, water (2-3 liter) and a jacket


Hiking boots (B/C) & hiking socks (2-3 pair)

Hiking trousers (long) and layers of outerwear


Cap / Hat

Headlight (Petzl or similair)


Cycling shorts, shirt, gloves & shoes (without click system)


Personal medical & hygniecal kit

Water bottles (3 litres)

You will meet your guide at the entance of the terminal builiding of Podgorica airport at 16:00. You will recognise him by a Skyhook sign. 

This short trip is a serious physical challenge and certainly not for the faint-hearted. You need to be capable of running 7 km without stopping at a decent pace, otherwise you will not enjoy this trip. All hikes are safe and free from "fear-of-height" sections. 

No previous MTB experience is required for the final 2 stages. 

There are several options to shorten the stages by either joining the cook/driver on the transport or by taking the shortcuts indicated by the guide. So if you like this concept but have slight doubts about your fitness level, you can subscribe anyway. Bear in mind that there is always an option to make the experience a bit less demanding. 

We schedule this tour only in summer, when nights are warm enogh to camp at 2000m altitude. In the eveving we light a fire to keep us warm if needed. Day temperaturs vary from 20 to 27 degrees in the mountains; perfect for physical excercise.

Occasional showers and thunderstorms do occur, but get weaker towards the end of summer. 

During this trip you spend 3 nights in tents. People subscribing as friends (2) or couples will share a tent. Solo travellers will share a tent with other solo travellers, with a maximum of 2 persons per tent. Our tents are weather & water resistant. 

At the bivouacs we create a basic toilet & shower facility. A toilet consists of a hole in the ground in a hidden corner, that we cover every few hours. For your daily bath we have a refreshing lake at the first bivouac, and solar heated waterbags at the roof of the car with a shower head. 

The lodge at the Stavna summer pasture consists of a series of bungalows that sleep 5 persons. Each bungalow has a shower and toilet and a woodstove.

The lodge at Vranjak consists of a collection of traditoonal wooden huts that sleep 4-5 persons. There is a central toilet builiding with hot showers.  

When camping, our cook/driver prepares your dinner, breakfast & lunchpack on the open fire. Expect tasty traditional dishes with enough calories to get you to the end of this trip. Our cooks specialties are roast saucages, stew and bean soup, among others. Cofee and tea are free of charge at the bivouacs. Chilled drinks will be on sale at fair rates.

In the lodges the food is provided by the hosts. Again, traditional Montenegrin mountain dihes are on the menu, like skorup, kajmak, priganice. You will love it. Drinks at the dinner are sold seperatley. Coffee and tea for breakfast are included. 

We do not apply a minimum or maximum age for this trip, however, a reasonable fitness level is required.

We aply a maximum of 15 persons.

The national currency in Montenegro, not an EU-member state, is the euro (€). During the enitre trip there is no possibility to withdraw money, so bring enough cash to pay your drinks. The rest is included. 

You need to carry a minimum of 2 liters, on hot days 3 liters, in your backpack. The guide will make sure you can refill at the bivouacs and during the hikes we pass occasionally, but not often, through shepherd villages where we can fill our bottles.

At the lodges, drinking water is available form the taps & spring. 

After leaving Podgorica airport, there is not a chance to find a plug until we reach the lodge towards the end of day 4. Bring a powerbank if you need to recharge your phone, and spare batteries for lights, gps-devices etc. 

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