Mountain Improver Via Ferrata


A jam-packed trip that offers multiple mountain adventures. Focussed on Via Ferrata, but including hiking, glacier crossing, mountain huts, summits and the famous peak walk.


Day 1: Arrival Day

We'll meet you at Les Diablerets, the evening will be spent having a wonderful Swiss dinner, issuing and checking equipment and giving you a short briefing on how to use it safely. You'll meet and get to know your new friends and guides.

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Our first day includes a sporty Via Ferrata to start, including zip lines and a waterfall. We will then walk steeply up 700m to the Pierredar Refuge for an awesome sunset and hut life.

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We leave the hut via the Via Ferrata "Dame Anglais" which brings us to the Col de Prapio. Roping up we'll cross the glacier to reach the summit of Diablerets (3210m). From here it's all downhill (almost). Firstly you'll head to the summit of Sex Rouge (2971m), and its famous twin peaks connected via a stunning metal bridge before continuing down via two glaciers to our second Alpine Hut.

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Leaving our bags at the hut we undertake the Tete aux Chamois VF, an "airy" and exposed trip along a cliff ledge. A real chance to test the skills you've been developing and take awe-inspiring photos to show off back home. We finish by heading down the path, or if you're exhausted take the cable car. Returning to the village for the train to Geneva in the afternoon.

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It is in between climbing and walking. You will need to use your hands and feet to progress through cliffs but there will be a wire to secure to in case you slip and staples, footholds and ladders to walk on. Your guides will train you and look after your safety as much as they are able but you will be responsible for your own clipping in and out. You will need a head for heights and fitness.  

Here's a video to explain it more.  

All specialist equipment is provided. You are welcome to bring your own if you are more familiar with it.    

This is a unique experience of crossing a suspension bridge between two peaks. 107m long and 80 cm wide. Its part of our normal itinerary.  

More information here.   


  • Qualified mountain guides 
  • Specialist Equipment loan
  • Accommodation 
  • Food; Breakfast and Dinner.  
  • Any planned transport 


  • Flights 
  • Travel insurance 
  • Airport transfers 
  • Visa (If applicable) 
  • Lunches, drinks and snacks bought along the trail.  

Start: Your guide will meet you at Les Diablerets Train Station (on Swiss national rail), at 4pm, on day 1 of your itinerary.  

End: You'll be dropped back off at Les Diablerets, at 3:30 pm on day 3 of your itinerary. 

The journey is part of the experience. From Geneva Airport there is one change from mainline train to mountain train. This being Switzerland the trains connect. You can buy tickets online, via the Swissrail app, from machines at the station, or from the conductor.

The journey takes 2 hours 20minutes. Along the lake and then up through the mountains. There are 21 trains per day and prices start at £20 when booked in advance. Trainline .

We use public transport to reduce our environmental impact. In Switzerland, this is a pleasure as it is on time and integrated. (there will be a train for you on the platform at Aigle to transfer). It certainly adds to the impact and anticipation.

Enjoy the journey into the mountains.  

Break up your journey by getting off the train in Montreaux, walk downhill 100m and you are on the lakeside, enjoy a stroll, ice-cream and meet Freddy Mercury.   

This is certainly a demanding trip and a base fitness is required. The days are challenging. However, as long as you would describe yourself as in reasonable fitness then you should be ok. You also need to have a head for heights. There are many sections of very exposed cliffs that you will be traversing. You will be safely attached to the rock but if you are not good at heights then this trip is not for you.   

You'll experience traditional Swiss food along with some high energy foods to ensure you get the most out of your days in the mountains. Here is a breakdown of the meals that are included: 

Day 1: Dinner (to include wine for those who want). 

Day 2: Breakfast, Hut Dinner. (You will be able to purchase lunch and drinks) 

Day 3: Breakfast, Hut Dinner (You will be able to purchase lunch and drinks)  

Day 4: Breakfast (You will be able to purchase lunch and drinks)

We stay in 3 different mountain huts.  

The accommodation is traditional, rustic, dormitory-style with a nice communal area for socialising in each.  

There is no wifi. Some have warm showers, some have warm showers after we have lit the fire!   

We can expect other small groups in the huts on some of the more popular dates but on many occasions, we will be on our own.    

Due to the demanding nature of this trip 16. If you have a younger fit child then consider the Beginners VF trip. 

The distances are not huge but the height gain and loss are significant. Adding to that the technical nature of the terrain and needing to use specialist equipment we will have full days.  

Day 1: Meet and greet

Day 2: 700m ascent 12km 400m Climbing Via Ferrata.  

Day 3: 1000m ascent, 700m descent 12km 600m VF 

Day 4: 1000m descent (or cablecar not included) 6km 500m VF.   


  • Passport 
  • Boarding pass for flights 
  • Money (CHF) 
  • Credit/Debit Card  


  • Sleeping bag liner (essential but you can rent/ buy one form your host). 
  • Ear Plugs (Essential incase of snorers)


  • Mountaineering boots: 3 season lightweight.


Please make sure that you have non-cotton clothing for the day.  

  • 1 x pair of synthetic under-top and bottom (long johns or similar) 
  • 3 x t-shirts 
  • 1 x comfortable shirt for the evening 
  • 4 x hiking socks 
  • 3 - 4 pairs of underwear 
  • 1 x fleece 
  • Light down or Primaloft jacket 
  • Lightweight Waterproof jacket and trousers 
  • Hiking trousers: we recommend a pair that zip off into trousers.  
  • Sun Hat, Warm Hat and gloves 
  • Buff or scarf 
  • Swimming shorts/costume 


  • A day bag: 35 - 40 litres - all your kit should fit into this bag. 
  • Travel towel 
  • Dry bag or liner 
  • Water bottle: At least 2L 
  • Sun protection: Sunglasses, suncream and sun hat 
  • Personal medication 
  • Toiletries 
  • Electronics - headtorch, travel adapter, phone and charger 
  • Hand sanitiser. 
  • Hiking poles (Available to rent for 10chf - these must be requested at least 1 week before your trip).  

Specialist Equipment Included: 

Harness, Via Ferrata Lanyards, Helmet, Crampons or traction soles, VF Gloves.

Your Guides will carry other technical equipment.  

Yes, in the first night accommodation or the van.   

Les Diableretes is at 1400m, we drive to Col de Pillon at 1546m, our peak is at 3200m. Altitude sickness is not an issue at this height. Do check your insurance covers you for this height and activity though. 

During the summer it can be quite warm in the Alps so it's important to carry enough water. We strongly recommend taking between two and three litres of water. The tap water at the accommodations you will stay is not usually drinkable (it is collected rainwater) but you can buy bottled water there, or "marche tea" or there are limited resources along the way to fill up your bottle. Your leader can give you advice on this for each day. 

It is not mandatory but often expected. In the Alps, there is no fixed amount and it really depends on what you would like to give to show your satisfaction. You can also support them by reviewing them on your Skyhook dashboard here.   

During the summer in the Alps (July – September) you can experience usually fair and quite warm weather. It is often sunny, and the temperatures can reach 30° Celsius. The weather in the mountains at 2000m can have a cooling breeze. The weather in the mountains can be quite unpredictable and weather situations can change very quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to be always prepared for such a change. On a rainy-day, temperatures can drop quite low and it is necessary to have a good rain jacket and sometimes even a hat and a pair of gloves. See the kit list for full details. It is possible to have snow at night. One of the advantages of staying in the huts is we can always dry out and get warm at the end of the day.  Some of the VFs are North Facing so can be quite cold. Don't skimp on warm layers. 

Swiss Francs (chf). You can collect currency at Airport Cash machines. Some huts do not take cards yet so you do need cash. 

Yes, including rescue and bring an EHIC if you have one. 

The huts can cater for most dietary requirements. Just let us know when completing your registration before the trip.  We must know beforehand as huts have to helicopter ingredients in!

Absolutely, if you want to spend more time in Switzerland there are many things to see or adventures to have. We can offer climbing, other peaks, Via Ferrata or trekking adventures. Ask your hosts in advance. 

Mountain weather can sometimes be very unpredictable, which is why it is important that we prepare for any eventuality. It may not always be possible to follow the exact plan, but we will find alternative activities which are equally as fun. We will let you know promptly of any changes in the plan. Your safety is our number one concern, and we will use our experience to look after you in every condition whilst showing you the best of Switzerland. 

Our maximum ratio is six customers to one guide

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