Canoe Across Scotland: Tips and Info from 117 Guests

Are you an adventurer at heart? Do you like to challenge yourself and explore new places? Then a canoe trip across Scotland might be just the thing for you! To help you get an idea of what this five-day trip might be like, we've compiled some tips and info from 117 guests who have already experienced it.
best places to canoe in Scotland
Canoeing across beautiful Lochs in Scotland

Get Good Guides

First and foremost, the guides can make or break your trip, and fortunately, all of the guests who travelled with Skyhook had positive things to say about their guides.
Many praised Sam, Billy, and Lizzie for their knowledge, professionalism, and helpfulness. David said that "both accomplished outdoor instructors were brilliant. Lots of knowledge and gentle help," while Tina described Billy and Sam as "knowledgeable, funny, helpful," and said that Sam "does the best vegan food."

Know What To Expect: The Physical Challenge

While the physical challenge of the trip was not underestimated by the guests, most of them found it to be manageable, even for beginners. Guides are there to help you manage the physical demands, and give you tips on efficient paddling methods.
Helen noted that "the trip is totally suitable for beginners," and that "Our guide, Lizzie, was particularly good - very skilful and knowledgeable." Sue also had positive things to say about Sam, calling him "experienced, professional, chilled."
One of the Camping Spots on the Canoe Across Scotland Trip
One of the Camping Spots on the Canoe Across Scotland Trip

Know What To Expect: Wild Camping

Another important thing is to manage your expectations regarding the wild camping. As Helen pointed out, "your tents aren't put up for you" and are relatively basic, however, she went on to say that "the wild campsites were great".
So, while the accommodation might not be luxurious, the scenery more than makes up for it.

Is It All Worth It?

Overall, the guests were overwhelmingly positive about the trip, with many calling it a "trip of a lifetime" or an "unforgettable adventure."
Sophy described the trip as "great" and the views as "stunning."
Joanne had nothing but praise for the guides, calling them "Absolute legends: Helpful, knowledgeable, fun 😀 & professional at all times."
Louisa summed up her experience by saying that she was "knackered but would recommend it. So glad I booked it".
canoe scotland
Scottish lochs offer wide open spaces to explore.


If you're looking for a challenging but rewarding adventure, a canoe trip across Scotland might be just what you need. With knowledgeable guides, good food, and stunning scenery, it's an experience that many guests have called "unforgettable" and "highly recommended".
As with all trips with Skyhook, you can also see every review on the trip page.