The Jordan Trail (Dana to Petra Trek, Wadi Rum & The Dead Sea)


Hike to Petra, 4x4 through the Wadi Rum desert and float in the Dead Sea.


Day 1: Arrival in Amman

Today is arrival day, check into the hotel and get ready for your trek. Amman is Jordan’s capital and one of the oldest cities in the world. Depending on when your flight arrives, you may have some time to explore Amman by yourself.


At 7-7:30 am (after breakfast)the group will be picked up from the hotel in Amman and drive 2.5 hours to the starting point! Our trekking journey begins following a trail along the mountains overlooking Dana Valley and the unique landscapes throughout Dana Biosphere Reserve. At the end of today's hike, our pre-arranged wilderness campsite awaits us in MKansoura on the outskirts of al Khashaha Valley. Hiking Distance 15 Km (5-7hrs)


We will ascend through the Sharah Mountains and near the top we'll get to enjoy a beautiful view of the vast Wadi Araba Desert. The hike flattens out and the view remains all the way to your campsite in Al Furon. Enjoy a cup of tea while you soak in the scenery from the campsite while waiting for your well-earned dinner. Hiking Distance 14 Km (5-7 hrs)


Today's hike is along Bedouin shepherd paths around the edge of the Sharah Mountains. The rugged black peaks of the mountains above and the sheer distance all the way down to the canyons below make this part of the trek spectacular. Gradually climbing up the hills, you will uncover more views over the barren desert. Then, as you proceed towards the wilderness campsite at Ghbour Whedat, the landscape slowly becomes softer, with mushroom-like rock formations lining the way. Hiking Distance: 17.1Km


Today we get closer to the crown jewel of Petra. We will pass the first Nabataean ruins where we will see wine and olive presses, aqueducts, and other ancient water infrastructures. We will also pass Bedouin camps and small agricultural plots typical of rural southern Jordan. We will enter little Petra through a unique back entrance by climbing up through a sandstone canyon of stairs. The site is believed have been a ‘suburb’ of Petra, and was probably meant to house traders traveling along the Silk Road. After some time to explore, we’ll head on to our fixed Bedouin camp for the night – hot showers are waiting! Hiking Distance: 14Km


Today we, the day we enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra! We aim to give you a unique first experience of this site and, like with Little Petra, we will enter Petra through the much more interesting 'back entrance'. We hike out of the valley, up along the edge of the final mountain, and into the hidden plateau hosting the "Monastery". When we reach the site, your guide will give you a tour of the ancient Nabatean city. We overnight in Bedouin Camp near Little Petra. Hiking Distance: 13.8Km


Red and orange sands of the Waid Rum Desert await us. We'll carve through the desert landscape on 4x4 trucks driven by local Bedouin - the people of the desert. No trip to the Middle East is complete without a visit to this quintessential desert showcased in Hollywood films including Aladdin, Lawrence of Arabia, Martian and several more.


Float in the unique waters of the Dead Sea situated at the lowest place on earth and part of the Great Rift Valley. Relax beachside and refresh after your trek with the magical Dead Sea Mud - used for beauty products worldwide.


For those flying out, it is generally recommended to leave Amman at least 4 hours prior to your departure. You can make your own way to the airport or contact us about an airport transfer (message us after booking for more information). We wish you a safe flight, and hope you will return back home with many wonderful memories of your time in Jordan!


What's Included

  • Professional English speaking tour guide for days 2-8.
  • Accommodation: 8 nights.
  • Meals: 8 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners.
  • Local hiking guide with a donkey for safety measures on days 2-4.
  • Transportation as per itinerary.
  • Luggage transfers: pickup truck.
Not Included
  • International and local flights.
  • Jordan Pass: Jordan Wanderer for visa & entrance fees.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Tips and gratuities.
  • Travel insurance.
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Rated 5.0

17 verified reviews


(May 2024)

Amazing experience one I will never forget highly recommend this trail to anyone, it will take your breath away 🇯🇴


(Sep 2023)

Our tour guide Asyel made our trip truly unforgettable. His knowledge, enthusiasm, and professionalism exceeding all expectations. He ensured the trip was comfortable and enjoyable the whole time. His warm and friendly demeanor instantly made us feel like we were exploring Jordan with a good friend. Thank you for an amazing experience.


(Jul 2023)

My partner and I did this trek as part of a 2 week tour of Jordan. The whole trip was just perfect and this trek is just a fantastic way to journey to Petra. The local guides were wonderful and give the trek its intimate feeling. I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of visiting Jordan.


(Jun 2023)

Motaz was awesome his crew were all top shelf the experience was beyond belief. It was much better than we expected. Jordan is so beautiful and welcoming


(Jun 2023)

I had a great time on my recent trip with Experience Jordan. The first part of the trip- the 5 day hike exceeded my expectations. My guide, Mahmood, was enthusiastic and shared his knowledge of Jordan whenever we asked: the culture, the land, the economics. Our safety always came first and this was evidenced on our first day when we experienced uncharacteristic rainfall that could have been dangerous as we were in the Canyon area. Mahmoud continuously monitored the weather and had backup plans in place. Since I went at the end of May/beginning of June, the weather was hot and Mahmood was constantly reminding us to hydrate and even had electrolyte packets available to keep our energy levels up. Our local guide and his family were friendly and welcoming. The home cooked meals were amazing and I cannot believe it was cooked out in the wilderness. The camps, though basic, were comfortable and were ready for us when we arrived at each site. Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea were all incredible. Our Bedouin camps and hotels were fancier than I had expected. After a long 5 day hike, the sites were such a reward. I highly recommend this company and if you can, request Mahmood as your guide too!


Before you go

This is a 5-day trek with each day covering 14-17+ kilometers (8.5-10.5+ miles). That is five days in a row with 5-7 hour hikes. So you should be reasonably fit to be able to enjoy this hike.

We are operating these trips during the best times of year to trek in Jordan. Throughout the year, at the camps during the night you will want to have long pants, and a light jacket or sweatshirt. During November, December, and February, you may also want warmer clothes like a bigger jacket, hats, gloves, and a light rain jacket. We know we are located in the Middle East, but don't worry - Jordan is not that hot. We don't offer many departures in the Summer for that reason, but May has the potential to be on the warmer side. During the warmest times this trip operates, the temperature is usually not much over 35 celsius (95 Fahrenheit).

The main airport (QAIA - Queen Alia International Airport) is approximately 1-hour outside of Amman. Airport transfers are not included in this trip price. We can arrange a transfer for an extra $50 per car per way (message your guide after booking). The other best way is to take a taxi from the airport. There are a lot of services near the airport that can arrange transfers to the hotel. The prices are approximately the same. Arrival: Day 1 is scheduled only for arrivals and check-in. Therefore any flight arriving on Day 1, with enough time to make it to the hotel, and get some sleep, is a good choice. Note that airport transfers are not included. If you would like to arrive a day or so early, that's great! You can easily book an add-on for one extra night on either end of your tour. Let us know and we can book extra nights and/or additional activities. Or feel free to arrange things on your own and join the group when it's time. Departure: Day 9 is scheduled just for your check-out and departure to the airport. A morning / mid-day departure flight on Day 9 is ideal. It is possible to have a departure flight on day 8. If you chose to do so, we recommend a flight that departs after 7 pm. Departing on Day 8 makes things a bit more rushed but this option may work well for people with relatively short flights or limited time off (or if the airfare available just happens to be a better deal that day!)

EQUIPMENT: - Daypack for hiking 20-30 litres - Main bag for overnight luggage size: medium Ideally a duffle bag or backpack. - Hydration bladder or reusable water bottles approx. 3 litres - Trekking poles (optional) PERSONAL ITEMS: - Sunblock, lip balm and moisturizer - Toilet kit: toilet paper, ziplock bags one for clean TP and one for dirty TP - Personal hygiene items toothpaste, toothbrush, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, etc. - Personal first aid kit e.g. medications, vitamins, electrolytes, blister prevention &treatment kit - female sanitary products (tampons are difficult to obtain in Jordan) - Travel towel - Sleep sheet / Liner optional - Portable charger - Travel adapter - Camera/memory cards/batteries - Headlamp with spare batteries - Snacks especially if you have certain dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, allergies, etc.) CLOTHING: - Hiking pants, breathable, wind/rain proof, and in light colours to reflect the heat - Hiking shirts, preferably long sleeves for protection against the sun - Trekking socks - Long, thermal underwear - Underwear / sports bra (quick drying) - Sleepwear (warmer sleepwear in winter) - Jumper/fleece sweater pack a couple to layer up if it gets chilly at night - Lightweight down jacket (winter) - Rain & windproof jacket (winter) - Thin gloves (winter) SHOES: - Hiking shoes/boots suitable for rough terrain and easy scrambling - Sandals or flip-flops for camp use - Light shoes for camp use or sightseeing HEADWEAR: - Sun hat & Sunglasses - Warm hat or beanie (winter) - Buff

You can complete this on the Gateway 2 Jordan website, a few days before you travel.

On your trip

Day 1: 3-star hotel in Amman (twin-share) Day 2: Wilderness Camp Day 3: Wilderness Camp Day 4: Wilderness Camp Day 5: Bedouin Camp (twin-share) Day 6: 3-star hotel in Petra (twin-share) Day 7: Bedouin Camp (twin-share) Day 8: 3-star hotel in Amman (twin-share) Day 9: N/A Wilderness Camps: All single travellers will be provided with their own tent (at no extra cost). Our amazing local Bedouin support team sets up the campsite during the day, so everything is prepared when you arrive. Upon arrival, enjoy some time to sit down, relax and have some tea. Then when dinner is ready, our Bedouin support will reveal the locally-made feast. In the tents, we provide foam mattresses, sheets, and blankets. So no sleeping bags are needed unless you want to bring your own. A shower tent and a bathroom tent are provided. Our wilderness camps provide a nice escape from everyday life, great views, good service, and some wonderful dinners. Some people may refer to it as "glamping." Bedouin Camps: These are fixed-site, touristic Bedouin Camps, staffed by locals, in Little Petra and Wadi Rum. Bathrooms are normally separate with women's and men's public bathrooms. Rooming is on a twin-share basis. So travellers booking together will share a room and solo travellers will be paired with a member of the same sex (single supplement available for $200).

During Wilderness Camping, you should not expect to have access to electric charging. After leaving Amman on Day 2, your first good charging opportunity will be at the Bedouin Camp in Little Petra on night 5. You can charge your devices there until around 10pm when the camp turns the generator off for the night. If you want extended access to electronic devices, we recommend bringing battery packs or you can also bring solar recharging devices.Shoes The ideal shoe for this hike is light-weight hiking shoes. If you only have big-clunky hiking boots and running/athletic shoes, you could take both and see what you prefer on the hike. Hiking Sticks/Poles Most of this hike is on good, firm ground, so hiking sticks are not required. The vast majority of people do not use hiking sticks for this hike. However, if you like hiking with Hiking sticks/poles, or want them just in case, feel free to bring them.This is a 5-day trek with each day covering 14-17+ kilometers (8.5-10.5+ miles). That is five days in a row with 5-7 hour hikes. So you should be reasonably fit to be able to enjoy this hike.

Middle Eastern food is world-famous! A wide range of dishes is served, from Mansaf (lamb or chicken with rice and a yoghurt sauce), to Mezze (a mix of salads and dips), to Manaqeesh (flatbread with different toppings), to Falafel and Shawerma sandwiches. Traditional Jordanian food can be found at several excellent restaurants in Amman – make sure to try some on your free nights in town! Note that vegetarian and vegan options are available, you just need to let us know in advance. The following meals are included; Day 1: Meals not included on the arrival day Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 3: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 4: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 5: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 6: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 7: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 8: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Day 9: Breakfast

The ideal shoe for this hike is lightweight hiking shoes. If you only have big-clunky hiking boots and running/athletic shoes, you could take both and see what you prefer on the hike. Most of this hike is on good, firm ground, so hiking sticks are not required. The vast majority of people do not use hiking sticks for this hike. However, if you like hiking with Hiking sticks/poles, or want them just in case, feel free to bring them.

Although it is totally fine to take a shower or brush your teeth with tap water in Jordan, it is not recommended to drink it. You can buy bottled water at small shops, supermarkets, in coffee shops or restaurants. As a company, we have been working to use less plastic on tours. We will provide you with filtered water to refill your reusable water bottle or bladder whenever possible.

We start and end the trip at the hotel in Amman.

The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD or JD). Changing money is easy in Jordan, and most major currencies are accepted in cash and as traveller's cheques. US-Dollars are the most accepted, followed by GBP and Euros. It is useful to have cash for small shops, and when moving outside the bigger cities and tourism sites. Try to break larger notes (especially 50s and 20s) as often as possible when paying in hotels, restaurants, or bigger supermarkets and shops. Credit cards are widely accepted in bigger towns and cities and ATMs are widespread. Visa is the most widely accepted card, followed by MasterCard. Other cards, such as Cirrus and Plus, are usually also accepted (e.g. by ATMs of the Jordan National Bank and HSBC).

Jordan is a predominantly Islamic nation, and still tends to be quite conservative in many regions. We recommend dressing accordingly. As a general guideline, shoulders and knees should be covered – for women and men. Luckily loose, lightweight, long clothing is a great choice: While being culturally respectful, you also stay cool and protected from the sun! In Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba’s Beach Resorts, and the Dead Sea, people are used to seeing tourists. A more relaxed dress code, and even beach wear is therefore totally acceptable. During hiking, shorts can be worn but we generally recommend lightweight hiking trousers to keep the sun off. Jordan is a desert country but can get freezing cold during the winter months. Make sure to bring sufficiently warm clothing, especially for the evenings and nights, and be prepared for rain!

For this trip, we start and end in the same hotel in Amman. You are welcome to leave any luggage that you don't need at the hotel.

DAY 1: No hiking DAY 2 Time: 5-7hrs Hiking Distance: 15 Km Ascent: 260m Descent: 690 m DAY 3 Time 5-7 hrs Hiking Distance 14 Km Ascent: 563 m Descent: 170 m DAY 4 Hiking Distance: 17.1Km Ascent: 750m Descent: 920m DAY 5 Hiking Distance: 14Km Ascent: 610m Descent: 560m DAY 6 Hiking Distance: 13.8Km Ascent: 496m Descent: 519m DAY 7: 4x4 in Wadi Rum Desert (No hiking) DAY 8: Dead Sea visit (No hiking) DAY 9: Departure day

Other FAQs

The Jordan pass is a 'ticket' you can buy online before arrival that covers your Jordan visa entry as well as entrance into certain attractions including Petra and Wadi Rum. This makes it easier for you to visit places and also saves you money. The link to Jordan Pass' official website will appear here after you book. For this trip, you need the 'Jordan Wanderer' Ticket type (70JD/ UD$100).

Please check with your doctor, typically the following vaccines are recommended for travel to Jordan: - Diphtheria - Tetanus - Hepatitis A & B - Mumps, Measles & Rubella - Polio - Typhoid - Yellow Fever (mandatory for all travellers who have recently been in infected areas, such as Sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of South America)

Tips of 10% are normal in upmarket restaurants. Elsewhere, rounding up the bill or leaving loose change is appreciated by underpaid staff, especially taxi drivers. Many places in Jordan now have a service fee automatically listed on the bill alongside the tax. Make sure to view your bill before tipping an additional amount. Gratuities for guides and drivers are not included in the price of your tour and are at your discretion.

At the time of writing this is no longer needed for Jordan. Please check closer to the date of travel as well, in case anything changes. You can check this on the FCO website, under Jordan entry requirements.

Your head guide is Shushan

All trips on Skyhook are run by small, hand-picked local guiding companies. For this trip your guides run Experience Adventures Ltd, based in Sweifieh.

By booking through Skyhook you'll be joining a small-group trip. This can make it nice and sociable (you'll be added to a group chat after booking), and guarantees great value for money!