The Best Time To Climb Mont Blanc

Want to count among the greats who have summited Mont Blanc? With just a little bit of good planning, you can reach the peaks of this Alps giant, which tops the list of the hardest mountains to climb in Europe.
The first step is understanding when's the best time to climb Mont Blanc. In short, the answer is between June and September when the mountain weather is favourable for both new and seasoned hikers and mountaineers. But, off-season summiting has its perks too...
Stick with us for a proper breakdown of the different options, to find out the timing that meets your desires best, as well as a brief overview of other things to consider while planning your Mont Blanc summit expedition.
mont blanc
Two climbers approaching the summit of Mont Blanc.

Best Time: Summer (June - September)

Summer is the season when the Alps are most welcoming because of the warmer weather, which clears snow from the lower trails and makes the journey safer and more comfortable overall.
July is generally considered to be the best month to climb Mont Blanc, followed by August, because most of the snow has cleared off the lower trails, making it easier for you to climb. You will also have better views of the mountain and its surroundings in the summer as there are fewer chances of rainfall and precipitation. But remember that weather can change quickly on mountains - always double-check the forecast and be prepared.
If you opt to climb Mont Blanc in summer, you’ll have to contend with large crowds and ensure that you make all your bookings early, as this is the peak season.
Views on the Tour du Mont Blanc.
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Off-season: Autumn (September - October)

If you are more inclined to climb Mont Blanc when the crowds have reduced, you have a good shot in Autumn.
In this season, the temperatures are cooler than in summer and friendly for hiking. You will also enjoy a change of colour in the landscape, and capture the most uniquely charming mountain photos at this time. However, watch out for sudden weather changes and potential snowfall, especially during early mornings and late evenings.
Accommodation on the route can be challenging. Most mountain refuges close down towards the end of September in preparation for the less busy winter and spring seasons. So, if you’re planning to begin your hike in September, confirm the availability of open mountain huts on your chosen route well before the start of the hike.
mont blanc
Summer and autumn offer the best conditions for hiking Mont Blanc.

What About Winter and Spring?

Winter is without a doubt the hardest time to climb Mont Blanc, even for professional climbers with experience in ice climbing. You’ll not only have to contend with poor visibility but most routes and refuges are also closed at this time.
While we do not recommend climbing Mont Blanc in winter, you can still visit and enjoy the mountain: consider a cable car ride to the mountain as one of the things to do in Chamonix.
If you are however itching for a winter expedition, check out winter hiking in Switzerland!
Like winter, spring weather can also be challenging for a Mont Blanc summit. While there are noticeable increases in temperature at lower elevations, you are likely to still encounter harsh and chilly weather higher up.
The gradually rising temperatures also contribute to snowmelt, which adds to the Mont Blanc difficulty in reaching the summit. The trail will be wet on most sections of the climb, not to mention the increased chance of avalanches where there’s snow accumulation.
Mont blanc
Scaling Mont Blanc is an amazing experience!


While one of the hardest, Mont Blanc is also one of the best mountains to climb in Europe - even for beginners. Everything, from the elevation, unpredictable weather, and activities you can enjoy around the mountain, makes it one of the best experiences for any hiker. It is even one of the best mountains to climb before Everest if you want the ultimate hiking challenge in the future.
That said, you know picking the best time to hike any mountain is paramount. It affects your hiking experience and your chances to summit successfully. So, we recommend hiking Mont Blanc in the summer when the weather is stable and friendly - it is also your best time to snap the perfect summit pic!

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