Ultimate List Of Mountains To Climb In Europe For Beginners

Getting ready for your first hiking adventure in Europe? You're in luck!
At Skyhook, we offer climbing adventures on the best mountains to climb in Europe for beginners.
Whether you fancy the iconic peaks of the United Kingdom or the breathtaking scenery of Slovenia, we've got all the must-know details and tips to ensure your first climb up some of the most famous mountains of the world is not just fun but also super rewarding.
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Best Beginner Mountains to Climb in Europe

mt triglav views
Mt Triglav views.

Mt Triglav - Slovenia

Mt Triglav is undoubtedly one of many easy mountains to climb in Europe. At 2,863 meters, it doesn't try to touch the sky like Everest, Kilimanjaro, or other giants outs there. Instead, it hits that sweet spot – high enough for an authentic mountain experience but doable for beginners diving into alpine trekking.
Mt Triglav's terrain offers a smooth climb through alpine meadows and rocky paths, perfect for beginners finding their mountain-hiking groove. And the best part? The trails are well-defined, so no need to worry about getting lost on your adventure.
Also, you can make your inaugural ascent on Mt Triglav with Skyhook. Book a guided trip with us for an easy and unforgettable summit adventure.
fjord views
Conquering The Norwegian Fjords.

The Fjords - Norway

The Norwegian Fjords are your ticket to the hiking world, and it's not as intimidating as it sounds. Forget about scaling vertical cliffs – these fjords are all about gentle slopes and rolling landscapes, perfect for anyone looking for easy mountains to climb in Europe.
Altitude won't be your arch-nemesis here. The peaks, hovering around 1,000 to 1,500 metres, balance jaw-dropping views and a climb that won't have you gasping for breath. Thanks to well-maintained paths, your focus stays on the mesmerising scenery rather than worrying about tricky terrains.
Ready for this epic Norwegian adventure? Book a guided Norwegian fjords kayaking and hiking tour with us today.
One of the paths to Snowdon.

The 3 Peaks Challenge - United Kingdom

Embark on the 3 Peaks Challenge in the United Kingdom, combining three iconic summits: Scafell Pike, Snowdon, and Ben Nevis.
In terms of height, these three peaks strike a balance. While Ben Nevis takes the crown as the highest in Britain at 1,345 metres and one of the hardest mountains to climb in the UK.
None of the three go sky-high, making sure the ascent stays challenging yet doable for those stepping into mountain exploration.
The terrain blends well-maintained paths and landscapes. Scafell Pike in England gives you a gentle start, Snowdon in Wales unfolds panoramic beauty with trails that are a breeze to navigate, and a Ben Nevis hike in Scotland adds a touch of challenge without overwhelming beginners. 
You can book a trip on the National 3 Peaks Challenge with Skyhook Adventure today.
The Pyrenees Mountains in Spain.

The Pyrenees Mountains - Spain

Snuggled on the Spain-France border, the Pyrenees Mountains are your go-to for outstanding mountaineering in Europe. 
They showcase a picturesque landscape featuring snow-kissed peaks, meandering valleys, and lush forests. This simplicity adds to the region's beauty and provides a welcoming environment for hiking in the Pyrenees.
The Pyrenees have beginner-friendly trails for every pace. Whether you fancy a stroll through charming valleys or a manageable climb up smaller peaks, there's a trail that suits your exploration style.
Beyond breathtaking views, the Pyrenees introduce you to local culture. Quaint villages, historic landmarks, and ancient monasteries add cultural richness, making your hiking experience more than just a walk in the mountains.
You can book our hiking trip to the Pyrenees in Spain today.
mt olympus hike
Starting the Mount Olympus hike.

Mount Olympus - Greece

Mount Olympus in Greece, standing tall at 2,917 metres, is a UNESCO biosphere reserve, and one of the most accessible mountains to climb in Europe. The mountain presents the perfect mix of challenge and accessibility and the terrain unfolds as a picturesque fusion of dense forests and rocky paths.
Mount Olympus is all about well-marked trails and organised paths, respecting your newcomer status. These paths allow you an engaging and achievable journey without technical expertise. 
The best part? You can climb Mount Olympus with Skyhook's guided trip to make your first trek in Europe an immersive and unforgettable adventure.
snow caps of mont blanc
Trekking to the base of Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc - France

Mont Blanc, fondly known as 'TMB' by mountaineers, is the highest peak in Western Europe at 4,809 meters (15,777 feet). It's an excellent choice for novice climbers seeking an immersive alpine experience.
Despite its impressive height, Mont Blanc offers well-established routes that cater to beginners, making it an accessible ascent for novices to mountain climbing.
The climb involves a gradual progression, allowing novice adventurers to build confidence while navigating through breathtaking alpine landscapes.
One of the easiest and most scenic trails en route to Mont Blanc is located near Lac Bleu in the Haute-Savoie locale. If you love hiking and running, then this is the place for you.
Most hikers begin their trek from the Plan de l’Aiguille refuge and then head towards the stunning sapphire blue lake.
With carefully maintained paths like the Plan de l’Aiguille, mountaineers can focus on enjoying the stunning scenery of TMB without the added challenge of complex terrains.
TMB's relatively straightforward ascent, coupled with awe-inspiring views and the sense of accomplishment upon reaching the summit, makes it a perfect introductory mountain for those embarking on their climbing journey in Europe.
At Skyhook, we offer an exciting Tour du Mont Blanc hike that lets you experience this epic European mountain up-close.
hiking up vikos aoös
Hikers summitting Vikos-Aoös.

Vikos-Aoös - Greece

The Vikos-Aoös National Park in Greece is where stunning gorges, diverse landscapes, and cultural richness create the perfect backdrop for beginner-friendly hiking up Vikos Aoös
The park has a mix of trails, most ideal for beginners. These relaxed routes let you soak in the natural beauty without sweat. If you're after an easy yet popular option, the Vikos Gorge Rim Walk is your go-to. It runs along the edge, giving you breathtaking views without the need to descend into the gorge.
If you love shorter and less challenging hikes, scenic overlook points like Beloi and Oxia are your must-visit spots. The trails to these viewpoints are straightforward, offering stunning panoramas of the gorges and surrounding mountains.
And if you're all about that relaxed vibe, the Aoös River Valley Trail is a serene stroll along the riverbanks that lets you enjoy riverine landscapes, waterfalls, and lush vegetation without dealing with steep inclines.
A Skyhook trip to through this iconic mountain range can significantly enhance your hike. We partner with local guides who are familiar with the terrain, so they have valuable insights into the park's ecology and history, and can help you choose a trail to suit your fitness level. 
flickr - james handlon - gran paradiso national park
Gran Paradiso is the highest peak in Italy.

Gran Paradiso - Italy

Gran Paradiso, Italy's crowning glory, stands tall at 4,061 metres (13,323 feet) as the highest peak within the country's borders. 
Nestled in the Gran Paradiso National Park, this majestic mountain unfolds a journey that smoothly transitions between picturesque landscapes - from lush alpine meadows to rugged rocky sections.
And here's the best part – the trails, though demanding, are well-defined, so you get to soak in the surrounding beauty without getting lost during your adventure.
You also want to keep your eyes peeled as you might cross paths with wildlife like the ibex and chamois.
The local guides we partner with provide all the necessary support to make your first alpine ascent exciting and enjoyable. Book a Gran Paradiso Circuit trek with us at Skyhook Adventure today.
Stunning landscape of the Norwegian fjords.


From Slovenia to Greece, beginner hikers and mountaineers can set their sights on summitting some of the best bucket list mountains to climb in Europe.
For an unforgettable journey, consider a guided hiking trip with us at Skyhook Adventure. Our expertly crafted tours blend breathtaking scenery with manageable European terrains.

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