9 Chamonix Summer Activities For The Daring Adventurer

Looking to spice up your Chamonix summer visit? This unique town is bustling with life with many visitors like you soaking in the sun.
From serious sports to simple fun activities, we have a list of the best Chamonix summer activities to take part in for your adventurous spirit.
But, first things first, why Chamonix in the summer?
pixabay chamonix
Beautiful Chamonix.

Why Visit Chamonix?

Chamonix is a popular French town on the border of France and Switzerland. It is the closest town to Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, and it's also the launching pad for most of the touristic activities around the mountain.
The buzz around Chamonix started in 1924 when it hosted the first-ever Winter Olympics. Plus, with an elevation of 1,035m above sea level, the town is also home to the French Alps' oldest ski resort.
But why summer?
With temperatures of around 26°C, most activities in Chamonix are open and calling out for you to dive into all the fun. Honestly, time is perhaps the only limit to the activities in Chamonix in the summer you can do.
Gorgeous views on the Tour du Mont Blanc highlights trip.

1: Hiking

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Chamonix in summer and for a good reason.

Tour du Mont Blanc

The town is the start and end point for the famous Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), which is a not-to-be-missed bucket list adventure! And, summer is in fact the best time of year to do Tour du Mont Blanc.
Skyhook offers both the full 10-day TMB trip, as well as a 4-day highlights version for those with less time available.
If you're wondering how one would prepare physically for this epic multi-day hike, check out our Tour du Mont Blanc training plan for professional tips.
Apart from physical preparation, you may also want to read up on the TMB difficulty to know what to expect, and all the costs involved.
Once you're booked, all that's left is to find out what to pack for Tour du Mont Blanc.
Mont blanc
Scaling Mont Blanc is an amazing experience!

Climb Mont Blanc

If you're a fan of summitting epic mountains, then climb Mont Blanc itself while you're there!

Other Hikes in Chamonix

If you are more of a short-but-sweet explorer, you have more than enough hiking trails to include in your list of things to do in Chamonix in the summer. Here are some to consider:
  • La Blanc hike: This is a 2-hour walk that takes you to La Blanc, a beautiful mountain lake overlooking the Mont Blanc.

  • Grand Balcon Nord hike: Take a hike on this trail that spans over 6km. This trail will give a refreshing view of Mont Blanc’s white peak and the mountain’s largest glacier, Mer de Glace.

  • Grand Balcon Sud: If you are looking for a friendly trail for your morning or evening run while visiting Chamonix, this is it. You’ll get to use a cable car to access this trail, which only adds more fun to your hike.

Tour du mont blanc
There is so much fun to be had in Chamonix!

2: Water Rafting

If you are travelling with your kids, water rafting is one of the Chamonix France summer activities you can include in your itinerary. You can book a 2 or 3-hour rafting trip on River Arve and cool off from the summer heat.
If you are an expert, consider rafting down the Mont Blanc tunnel to Italy from Chamonix. You will be treated to a warm welcome from your rapids at the rafting expert base in Chamonix town.

3: Swimming

Swimming is one of the must-try things to do in Chamonix in June - this town has more than one spot to explore.
If you dream of taking a dip in a mountain lake, why not go for the Lac de Passy, the largest lake in the Mont Blank region? In just 30 minutes from Chamonix town, you can enjoy an uncrowded swim in the lake from midday to early evening.
The Lletes Lakes are another good swimming option for the adventurous at heart. These three connected lakes are not only accessible for free but also allow you to explore other activities such as fishing, fitness training, and a game of volleyball before or after swimming.
You can also explore exclusive private swimming spots such as the Lac Bleu of Morillon, or the spas and pools such as the one at Refuge des Aiglons Hotel.
Via Ferrata
Happy faces on Skyhook's Via Ferrata trip.

5: Via Ferrata Climbing and Training

If you want a worthwhile challenge for your trip, include Via Ferrata climbing on your things to do Chamonix summer list. There are various Via Ferrata tours in Chamonix that you can book in advance and get to experience safe climbing at its best.
First time climbing a Via Ferrata? Fear not. Book our Beginners Via Ferrata trip and learn the ropes of iron ladder climbing from our professional and experienced guides.

4: Wall Climbing

Want an indoor activity to do in Chamonix? Try wall climbing.
This town is home to three of the largest indoor climbing walls in France, and what better time to try out your climbing skills than in summer?
The Chamonix climbing wall, Mont Blanc Escalade, E.N.S.A Wall and EMHM Wall are some of the popular and accessible indoor climbing walls you can consider for Chamonix things to do in summer.
Pixabay paragliding
Paragliding in Chamonix.

6: Paragliding

If you are an adrenalin junkie, why not try paragliding while in Chamonix? You will have the chance to experience the Mont Blanc massif and its surroundings from the skies and satisfy your adventure cravings. Choose between the various skylift stations in the town depending on your experience level.

7: Mountain Biking

Chamonix serves some of the most exciting biking trails in Europe. Many mountain bike lovers travel from all over the world to sample these trails as they explore the Alps.
Why not join in the fun and plan a ride or two as your Chamonix things-to-do summer plans? Many companies offer rental bikes, so you don’t have to worry about where to get one. You can also hire a guide to help you choose and ride on the most scenic trails.
Mont blanc vs Kili
Beautiful alps mountains.

8: Go Skiing

When in one of the oldest ski resorts in the world, it’s only right that you get your gear and equipment on and ski. This town has various ski spots for different experience levels open during summer.
You can also choose to hit the slopes on a snowboard in some of the spots. It’s all up to you!

9: Cultural Exploration

Learn more about French culture by visiting the local museums, restaurants, and shops. You will get to sample Alpine architecture, their delicious cuisine, and the warm camaraderie of the locals. You can also buy French crafts and gift items from the local shops to keep as souvenirs.
A happy hiker on a Tour du Mont Blanc trip.


There you have it, the best summer activities to keep you busy in Chamonix. With good planning, you can check all these from your bucket list in just several days.
We stand by the belief that hiking in the area is the absolute best way to enjoy Chamonix.