Tour Du Mont Blanc Cost: Your Guide To An Affordable Alpine Adventure

A Tour du Mont Blanc trip will cost you between €500 - €2,000 depending on your trip duration and additional expenses like tipping and extra activities.
If you're looking for a detailed breakdown, you’ve come to the right place!
At Skyhook, we’ve got the lowdown on what it takes to tour this Alps giant; from the Mont Blanc hike time, details into the highest point on Tour du Mont Blanc, a Tour du Mont Blanc training plan, and the big question of going solo or opting for a guided adventure.
But before you lace up those hiking boots, let’s talk Tour du Mont Blanc cost. We want you to soak in every moment without draining your bank account.
So, what goes into a Tour du Mont Blanc budget? Let’s explore.
Hiking through a forest on the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Travel Costs

Your travel costs to Switzerland, where the Tour du Mont Blanc begins, ride the seasonal wave. But hold up, when is the best time to hike Tour du Mont Blanc? The weather can be quite a challenge in Europe, and Mont Blanc in particular, causing route closures and tour delays.
We recommend that you book your Tour du Mont Blanc trip during summer, i.e., between June and September when the weather is trek-friendly.
If you want to score cheaper flights from London to Geneva, plan your trip from January- March, but brace for more pricier ones come July. Plane tickets from London to Geneva range between €65 and €130 depending on the season. Add about €40 for the bus from the airport to Chamonix, where the trek begins.
Opting for the scenic train route? Allocate €280 - €300 for a 9-hour journey from London to Chamonix. And if you choose to travel by bus, budget between €122 - €130 for the 20-23-hour journey.
Gorgeous views on the Tour du Mont Blanc highlights trip.

Tour du Mont Blac Cost: The Trip Itself

As we mentioned, a trip to Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) will cost anywhere between €500 - €2,000, a figure that's very much affected by how long you want to stay and where you go.
At Skyhook, our adventures include remote hikes close to Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, a trek around Mont Blanc, and a longer adventure across the entire region in Italy, France, and Switzerland.
Here's more:
Beautiful village along the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Accommodation Costs

Choosing where to lay your head after a hike is a critical call. When hiking Mont Blanc, you have the option of bivouacking in designated zones or the more comfortable refuges built along the trails. You’ll save on your Tour du Mont Blanc camping cost when you choose the bivouac option. It works best for seasoned hikers taking a Tour du Mont Blanc self-guided trip.
Still, while bivouacking does save you money, it is tricky in Switzerland and only allowed under stringent conditions in France and Italy. This camping option is only available on particular routes. You can choose different trips to cope with the Tour du Mont Blanc difficulty better!
However, prepare to part with some money if spending the nights in the Tour du Mont Blanc refuges. The refuges cost between €50 - €60 per person per night. The refuges feature dorm-style accommodations that you share with other hikers on the trip.
You can also opt to spend the nights in the more luxurious inns or guesthouses along the Tour du Mont Blanc trails. These inns cost between €60 and €70 per person, per night on half board, meals included.
Coffee with a view.


Book with us and your meals will be included in the total Tour du Mont Blanc price. In our experience and depending on your meal preferences, meals cost between €10 - €20 per day, per person. Our packages include hot breakfast and dinner served in the refuges.
Going solo? The Tour du Mont Blanc self-guided cost for meals may dip to around €5 per day. Keep in mind that this cost does not include meal preparation costs that staff and porters at the refuges, inns, and camping sites take up.

Hiking Gear and Equipment

Unlike the Summit Mont Blanc Expedition, the Tour du Mont Blanc is generally a non-technical trek. However, gear is still crucial. As such, you will need to rent or carry with you basic hiking gear such as trekking poles, hiking books and clothing, sleeping bags, etc, all of which will reflect on your overall Mont Blanc trek cost.
We recommend this Tour du Mont Blanc packing list for a safe and comfy Tour du Mont Blanc adventure.
Going on a guided tour with a group is the best way to enjoy this trip.


Guides and porters are an important part of every expedition as they add exceptional help and experience to your journey. Think tour logistics, luggage transfer, meal preparation, putting up tents, and other activities guides and porters assist with.
The charges for guides and porters are included in our Tour du Mont Blanc hike cost package to ensure a smooth trek for you. However, while not compulsory, it's good practice to tip the guides to maintain good relationships and support the hard work they do.
A happy hiker on a Tour du Mont Blanc trip.

Extra Expenses

For added comfort on your trip, be ready to splash some cash. Hot showers, extra drinks, and tips for your guides - these are some of the extras that make your adventure truly unforgettable. You can allocate €100 - €200 for extra expenses on your budget Tour du Mont Blanc.
Speaking of extras, here’s a list of 7 fantastic things to do in Chamonix before or after your trek.
In a nutshell, the Tour du Mont Blanc prix varies between €500 - €2,000 depending on your trip preferences. Book your Tour du Mont Blanc with Skyhook for a seamless and affordable hiking experience.