Greece Rafting Guide: Top Destinations For River Rafting In Greece

Ever considered a Greece rafting adventure? If not, then you definitely should.
Greece may be famous for its beautiful islands and ancient history, but there’s also endless fun to be had in the Greek rivers. If you’re after an adventurous way to experience some of the best Greek landscapes and natural beauty, then you should definitely add river rafting to your list of things to do while visiting Greece.
To help plan your adventure, here are some of the best Greek rafting destinations for both beginners and experienced river rafters.

Voidomatis (Zagori)

When it comes to Greek rafting destinations, the Voidomatis River has to be at the top of your list. Voidomatis River is famous for its crystal-clear waters and serene beauty.
Located in the Zagori region, this river offers the perfect rafting experience for beginners. The 5 km rafting route is gentle and doesn’t require any special skills or previous rafting experience.
You start your adventure at the charming stone bridge of Aristi. As you float down the river, you’re surrounded by the lush greenery of Vikos-Aoos National Park - one of the best national parks in Greece. We highly recommend combining your rafting adventure with a hike in this park.
The rafting route ends at the Kleidonia Bridge, another beautiful stone structure. Along the way, there’s endless natural scenery to enjoy.
The river’s cold waters are incredibly refreshing on a hot Greek day, and if you’re feeling brave, you can take a dip between paddling.
greece vikos aoos
Zagori itself is an incredibly beautiful region, featuring traditional stone villages nestled among pine and fir trees. After rafting, we’d recommend exploring these villages, such as Monodéndri with its stone courtyards and narrow streets.
Don’t miss the trail to Vickos Gorge, which is one of the best Greek hiking experiences. Other villages like Mikro and Megalo Papigko, Aristi, Kipi, and Dilofo are also all gems worth visiting. You could also visit Drakolimni while you’re here - an alpine lake with local legends of dragons.
We think rafting the Voidomatis River is one of the best outdoor adventures in Greece, which is why we include it in our hiking and rafting tour of the Vikos-Aoos circuit. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in experiencing some of the best nature and adventure that Greece offers.
Greece macedonia

Aliakmonas (Macedonia)

Aliakmonas River is the longest river in Greece. Needless to say, it offers an excellent rafting experience for both beginners and seasoned rafters.
The journey along this river offers breathtaking landscapes, a closeup of the area’s rich biodiversity, and plenty of historical landmarks.
Rafting here starts at the village of Neraida, and the route stretches for about 15 km down the river. This winds through forests and past impressive rock formations. The calm sections of the river allow you to relax and take in the surroundings, while there are some more challenging rapids to get the adrenaline going.
The surrounding region of Western Macedonia is rich in history and natural beauty. After your rafting adventure, we recommend exploring the nearby town of Kastoria, famous for its stunning lake, Byzantine churches, and old mansions.
The village of Neraida itself is also a great place to relax, with its traditional architecture and beautiful views of the river.
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Loussios (Arcadia)

Loussios River is found in the heart of Arcadia and offers a thrilling experience for more experienced rafters.
The 8 km rafting route takes you through a narrow gorge with dense vegetation and impressive tunnels. You’ll also pass by arched bridges and crystal-clear fountains that flow from steep rocks. This all adds to the river’s unique beauty.
The surrounding area of the river is equally worth a visit. The traditional stone-built village of Karytaina is the perfect starting point for exploring Loussios. The village features cobblestone alleys, a castle, and nearby monasteries.
Stemnitsa is another great destination, surrounded by ancient planes and fir trees. Dimitsana is known for its rich history and attractions like the Gunpowder Mills, Philosophou and Timiou Prodromou Monasteries, and the archaeological site of Gortyna.
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Arachthos (Tzoumerka)

Arachthos River in Tzoumerka is a top destination in Greece for river rafting enthusiasts, offering two fun and beautiful routes.
The river flows through a narrow gorge with vertical cliffs reaching 700 meters. Halfway through, you can stop and walk to the Glyfki waterfall, where there’s a small pond that’s perfect for a refreshing swim.
If you’re a beginner, you can start your rafting journey at the Politsa Bridge, while advanced rafters begin at the Tsimpovou Bridge. Both routes end at the historic Bridge of Plaka, the highest single-arch bridge in Greece.
The Tzoumerka region is famous for its natural beauty and traditional Epirus architecture. After rafting, we’d recommend exploring the area’s magical landscapes and charming villages.
The combination of thrilling rapids and stunning scenery makes Arachthos a must-visit for any keen rafter visiting Greece.
greece Nafpaktos

Evinos (Mountainous Nafpaktia)

If you’ve never gone rafting in Greece before, then the Evinos River is another ideal destination for beginners.
The rafting trip starts at the Poros Bridge and covers a 10 km route. The scenery is beautiful, with unspoiled landscapes and the impressive Chani Brania bridge along the way.
One of the highlights is passing the Olympic kayak slalom course, which adds a bit of excitement to the rafting trip.
The region of Mountainous Nafpaktia is rich in natural beauty and history, so it’s well worth staying here outside of your rafting adventure.
You can stay in the village of Chani Brania or the pretty town of Nafpaktos. Nafpaktos is known for its charming Venetian harbour and ancient castle. From Ano Chora, you can explore some of the area’s best-hidden gems, like Perdikovrysi and the artificial lake of Evinos.
The village of Platanos is home to a fascinating Folk Art Museum, and the 15th-century Bridge of Artotiva is an architectural marvel worth seeing.
So, if you’re after an awesome Greek rafting adventure but also want to do some great sightseeing, then Evinos is a destination to add to your itinerary.
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Tavropos or Megdovas (Evrytania)

The Tavropos River, also known as Megdovas, offers an amazing rafting experience for both beginners and anyone with some experience.
The rafting adventure starts at Palia Viniani and takes you along a scenic 10 km route through thick greenery. The journey ends at the Megdova bridge. The highlight of the trip is the impressive Viniani waterfall at the end - a truly spectacular sight.
Evrytania is a beautiful region with plenty to offer. After rafting, you can explore the traditional Greek villages nearby. Karpenisi is a great place to stay, and other nearby villages like Koryshades, Lagkades, Agios Andreas, and Goriniades are also well worth a visit.
If you’re after more adventure in the area, you could also go skiing, trekking, and cycling. The route from Karpenisi to Proussos is particularly worthwhile, passing through beautiful Greek mountains.
Don’t miss the famous Panagia Proussiotissa Monastery if you’re here - a significant religious and historical site.
Rafting Aoös
Rafting the Aoös river

When is the Best Time for Greece Rafting?

The best time for rafting in Greece is from late spring to early autumn, typically from May to October.
These months offer warm weather, and river water levels are ideal for rafting. Of course, you can look forward to lush landscapes in Spring, as well as more challenging rapids due to melting snow. Summer and early autumn offer milder conditions perfect for beginners.
However, there’s never really a bad time for rafting in Greece. As long as you have a good instructor, you’ll have an amazing time heading down the rapids and enjoying beautiful Greek scenery along the way.
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Greece rafting is the perfect combination of thrilling adventure and a peaceful way of exploring the natural environment. Rafting lets you get up close to the beautiful landscapes surrounding Greek rivers, and there are plenty of fantastic villages and historical destinations to visit along the way.
Ready to plan your Greece rafting adventure? Then we’d highly recommend our guided hiking and rafting experience in Vikos-Aoos for the ultimate adventure.