Triglav Lakes Valley: A Guide To This Beautiful Hike

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind hike in the Julian Alps, the Triglav Lakes Valley hike is a great option. On this trail, you explore not one, but seven enchanting lakes, making your hike unique and memorable.
The trail rewards you with the most beautiful panoramic alpine vistas you can think of. And, the best part? You can hike the region easily without a guide.
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A bit about the Triglav Lakes Valley

The Triglav Seven Lakes Valley trail is one of the most frequented trails for hiking Triglav National Park, the biggest park in Slovenia, and the Julian Alps. There are actually more than seven lakes on this trail. However, only seven of the lakes are all-season, with the others drying up during the hot season.
The valley is alpine and was formed from the upward thrusting of rock during the African-Eurasian tectonic collision. The movement created the karsts that this valley is known for.
The Seven Lakes Valley has another historical significance for Slovenians. This trail was a crucial passageway for shepherds and traders navigating the alpine landscape in search of a livelihood and perhaps, a bit of adventure too. As you walk in this valley, you’ll see remnants of old shepherd huts that are a testament to the area's rich history. If you’re lucky to meet or hike with the locals, you’ll likely hear shepherd stories that have lingered in the alpine valley for centuries.

Best Time to Hike the Triglav Seven Lakes Valley

The best time to take a Triglav 7 lakes hike is in late spring to early autumn: between June and September.
During this time, the weather is more predictable, and the trails are free from the snow that blankets the region in winter. You can see the vibrant wildflowers that bloom in spring, or you can witness the beautiful landscape change colour when the foliage welcomes the autumn.
Like any other alpine area, the summer weather is generally mild, but you must always be ready for sudden changes. Ensure to pack for varying conditions so you’re not caught off-guard and have to cancel your hike. The 7 Lakes Triglav hike offers you significant elevation, so you need to be prepared for cooler temperatures as you ascend.
Beautiful Triglav National Park.

The Seven Lakes Hike Essentials

The Triglav Lakes hike is moderately difficult given its rocky and varied terrain, and is usually completed over two days. There is also a note-worthy elevation gain of 1,300 metres.
Depending on how far you go on the trail, you will even encounter some steep sections requiring via ferrata climbing. The trail is well marked, but in case you want to explore the side trails as you hike, then a map, compass or GPS device will be necessary. Remember to bring a headlamp too, in case you need to navigate some sections of the hike in darkness. Wear sturdy and comfortable hiking boots - a pair that provides sufficient ankle support and is suitable for ascents and descents. You’ll also need to bring layered clothing for the hike, sunglasses and a hat to protect yourself from the elements as you hike.
Bring a camera too, for capturing the scenic lakes, Triglav peaks, and the surrounding landscapes.
For an overnight adventure, you can spend the night at a Triglav Lakes Valley mountain hut, or wild camp on the designated areas on the trails. In any of the scenarios, you’ll need to bring a warm sheet or lightweight blanket to cover yourself in for the night.
If wild camping, bring a durable tent, a sleeping bag and a portable cooking stove too. Familiarise yourself with the Triglav National Park camping regulations in advance, to ensure a responsible and enjoyable experience.
Slovenia is a playground of wild adventures, so when visiting, add a few more activities to your itinerary. Some of the extra activities to consider are skiing at the Slovenia ski resorts or wild swimming to Bled Island.
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Hiking Trail Details

The Planina Blato trailhead is the easiest point to start the seven Triglav Lakes hike from. It’s easy to access by car, and the trail from this point is well-marked.
The relatively steep start to your hike takes you up to Planina Pri Jezeru, or mountain by the lake, where you can catch your breath as you enjoy a view of the surrounding peaks.
From Planina Pri Jezeru, you can take the Planina Dedno Polje or the Visevnik trails, heading to the Planina Ovcarija, your second stop for the hike.
From here, your map comes in handy as you get to decide which of the two trails at the intersection takes you to the Dvojno Jezero, or the Double Lakes, more easily.
Both trails take an hour to navigate, and if you choose the Preko Stapc option, prepare for a section of via ferrata as you descend the Koca Pri Triglavskih Jezeri ridge. You can have your lunch by the Double Lakes, the most famous of the Seven Triglav lakes.
The next stop on the Triglav 7 Lakes Valley route is Lake Jezero v Ledvicah, also known as the Kidney Lake. This lake is the largest of the Triglav lakes and probably the most enchanting given its turquoise colour. Though quite a distance away from the previous stop, the kidney Lake is a must-see, and a good turning point if you wish to end your hike.
Further up the trail is the Zeleno Jezero, or the Green Lake. The views of the Julian Alps at this level are simply breathtaking, and if you still have time and strength left to look around, you will also see the Jezero v Lastah Lake nearby.
You can also climb further up to Zasavska Koca na Prehodavcih, the Triglav Seven Lakes Valley mountain hut where you can rest for the night.
As you approach Mt Triglav on the Seven Lakes Valley trail, you’ll also get to see Jezeru v Podstenju or Podstenje Lake, the last of the Triglav 7 lakes.
Happy faces in beautiful Triglav National Park.


The Triglav Lakes Valley is a masterpiece of nature and a wonder to hike. The combination of beautiful lakes, towering peaks and alpine vegetation will leave you with nothing but beautiful memories.
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