Hiking In Triglav National Park - 4 Iconic Trails To Try

If you're yearning for an escapade that combines natural beauty and a touch of Slovenian charm, these Triglav National Park hiking trails are perfect for your next adventure.
Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just getting started, looking for a day trek or a multi-day adventure, there is something for everyone in this beautiful park.
Beautiful Triglav National Park.

An Overview of Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is the biggest conservatory area in both Slovenia and the Julian Alps. It stretches over 800 km and is named after the country’s highest peak: Mount Triglav.
The park is a must-hike destination due to its array of hiking trails. There are over 200 marked trails accessible from various points in the park, offering you a diverse array of landscapes and difficulty levels to sample.
This park is a haven for nature lovers. Think of pristine lakes, dense forests and panoramic mountain views. Hiking in here offers you all this and more in one destination.
So, which are the best hiking trails Triglav National Park has to offer?
The summit of Mount Triglav.

1. Triglav Summit Trail

Also known as the Krma Valley trail, this trail is about 11 km long 2-day hike, and the most popular for traversing Triglav National Prak, the Julian Alps, and summiting Mount Triglav.
It’s also the trail you’ll hike when you book a guided trip up Mt. Triglav with Skyhook.
The trail starts at Bled, to the east of the mountain. You will begin with an 11 km hike through Krma Valley and Kredarica plateau, where you'll enjoy the beauty of towering peaks and lush meadows before settling in at Triglavski Hut for the night, and summiting the following day.
Though popular, this Triglav summit trail is one of the most demanding hikes in Triglav National Park. On this trail, you will encounter rocky terrain, exposed sections and steep ascents requiring careful navigation and a bit of scrambling. You might not require mountaineering gear or expertise, but physical and mental fitness is necessary to hack this trail.
Like several other Triglav National Park trails, the summit trail has a via ferrata climbing section just before you reach the summit. Guides will help you to navigate this 400-metre-long section safely, whether you are a first-time or seasoned climber.
The last section of the summit trail is demanding, but worth it!

2. Vintgar Gorge

The Vintgar Gorge trail is one of the best day hikes in Triglav National Park for trekking with kids. Firstly, it’s a relatively short walk at 3.3 km.
Then, you get to trek a boardwalk for the best part of the hike. These wooden walkways are well maintained and enhanced with safety features for a secure passage for children and those less experienced in hiking.
The highlight of taking on the Vintgar Gorge trail is that you can see the iconic Sum waterfall. Here, the Radovna River plunges over a 13m drop, creating a misty and refreshing touch to the air and your hike.
If you have some minutes to spare, build a memorable rock cairn on the edge of the river, which is accessible once you get to the gravelled section of Vintgar Gorge.
lake bled
The iconic Lake Bled.

3. The Seven Lakes Hike

If you want the very best of Slovenia Triglav hiking, consider taking the Seven Lakes hike. As the name suggests, you’ll be walking in Triglav Lakes Valley, which has a total of seven lakes for you to see. Although one of the longest Triglav National Park hiking routes at 15.2 km, it is one of the most scenic.
The seven lakes hike is one of the few multi-day hikes Triglav National Park has to offer.
This hike begins at the Planina Blato trailhead and takes you past the following lakes:
  • Crnjava Lake

  • Double Lake (Dvojno jezero) - These are two lakes that share a single basin.

  • Black Lake (Črno jezero)

  • Kidney Lake (Ledvičko jezero)

  • Black Lake (Črno jezero)

  • Green Lake (Zeleno jezero

  • Podstenje Lake

Happy faces in beautiful Triglav National Park.

4. Mostnica Gorge Trail

Another must-try hike in Triglav National Park is the Mosnica Gorge. This moderately challenging trail brings you to one of Slovenia’s most serene and exciting escapades. The trailhead at Stara Fuzina has a charming wooden bridge that invites you on a journey following the course of the Mostnica River. You’ll sample crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs and lush greenery.
The Mostnica Gorge trail is one of the best hikes Triglav National Park has to offer.
You get to enjoy a well-maintained and marked path, wooden walkways over smoothly flowing water, and occasional bridges with designated sitting areas to rest your feet. The highlights of this Triglav National Park Slovenia hiking trail are the Devil’s Bridge, the Underground Cave or Pod Spik, and the Great Mostnica waterfall.
Keep an eye out for the ‘Little Elephant'; a rock on the Mostnica River that resembles an elephant drinking water with its trunk deep in the waters.
You will find unbeatable panoramic views on top of Mount Triglav.


The Triglav National Park hiking trails promise beautiful scenery, with a variety of experiences and views to look forward to. But these four are our top picks.
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