Which Is the Easiest 8000m Mountain To Climb?

Scaling some of the highest mountains in the world is a pursuit that beckons adventurers from all walks of life.
As you delve into the world of climbing, the question of the easiest 8000m mountain to climb for mountaineers may cross your mind often.
So, if you're seeking this exhilarating challenge and want a relatively smoother ascent, we've got you covered!
At Skyhook, we are here to help you choose the right mountain, including one of our mountain summit trips
Let’s take a look at our top picks for the world’s easiest 8k mountain to climb, and what makes them special.
The Makalu summit is nothing short of breathtaking.

Makalu - Nepal

Makalu is the fifth highest mountain globally at 8,485 metres and one of many iconic mountains of the world.
Despite its formidable elevation, this 8k mountain is often considered less challenging than some of its peers.
You get a standard route featuring mixed terrain of rock and ice, so it's best to have a reasonable level of technical expertise. 
The amazing Lhotse summit clad in a thick layer of snow.

Lhotse - Nepal/Tibet

Lhotse stands at 8,516 metres - a formidable yet feasible challenge. When hiking this tall mountain, your standard route follows the same path as the Everest South Col route up to Camp 3, making it ideal if you have Everest aspirations. 
The mountain's shared infrastructure with Everest, presents a well-established route and base camps. So, you can experience the grandeur of high-altitude ascents without the crowds often associated with Everest.
flickr - mark horrell - hikers at cho oyu base camp
The Turquoise Goddess in all her glory.

Cho Oyu - Nepal/Tibet

Known as the "Turquoise Goddess," Cho Oyu stands tall at 8,188 metres. It is considered the easiest mountain to climb at 8000 metres with gradual slopes and well-defined routes. 
The mountain's accessibility from both Nepal and Tibet makes it versatile as you can climb it with various skill levels.
When hiking, you'll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views from the broad summit plateau to add to the allure of this majestic peak.
Ski Shishapangma (wikimedia commons)
Shishapangma offers moderate climbing difficulty for mountaineers.

Shishapangma - Tibet

Nestled in the Langtang Himal region, Shishapangma is the only 8000m peak situated entirely in Tibet. With a relatively straightforward ascent, it's among the easiest 8k mountains to climb. 
Your standard route features moderate difficulty, making it a welcoming introduction to high-altitude mountaineering. But even better, Shishapangma's charm lies in its accessible paths that traverse glaciers and steep snow slopes. 
Mt Manaslu (wikimedia commons)
The view closer to the Manaslu summit.

Manaslu - Nepal

As the eighth highest mountain globally at 8,163 metres, Manaslu, or the "Mountain of the Spirit," attracts climbers with its diverse terrain and well-defined trails. 
The mountain offers a balanced challenge suitable for both novice and experienced climbers, while its gradual incline provides a taste of Himalayan grandeur without overwhelming technical complexities.
Nanga Parbat The Killer Mountain (wikimedia commons)
Easy path leading to the top of Nanga Parbat.

Nanga Parbat - Pakistan

Dubbed the "Killer Mountain," Nanga Parbat's 8,126-metre elevation is known for its challenging ascent. However, the Diamir Face route offers a less demanding path. 
The gradual incline of the Diamir Face, combined with the absence of technical icefalls, provides a feasible route, adding an element of awe to the adventure. Fun fact: Nanga Parbat is the 9th tallest mountain in the world!
A snow-clad Gasherbrum II offers breathtaking views.

Gasherbrum II - Pakistan

Gasherbrum II is a 8,035 metre mountain that extends a warm invitation when you seek a manageable ascent. 
Often referred to as the "2nd Gasherbrum" or "K4," it features accessible routes and a lack of significant technical obstacles.
The awe-inspiring views of nearby peaks and the Karakoram Range enhance the allure of this climb.
mountains of broad peak pakistan (wikimedia commons by khubab)
The pyramid-shaped pinnacle of Broad Peak.
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Broad Peak - Pakistan

Broad Peak, with an elevation of 8,051 metres, is located in the Karakoram Range on the border of Pakistan and China. 
Known for its impressive pyramid shape, this mountain presents a formidable yet accessible challenge. The standard route involves navigating through moderate snow and ice slopes for a balanced blend of difficulty and achievability.
In addition, Broad Peak's proximity to the iconic K2 adds to its appeal, making it an attractive option when you seek adventure and accomplishment in the heart of the Karakoram.
Dhaulagiri mountain with monastery in the background (wikimedia commons by picasa)
Summit views of Dhaulagiri will leave you breathless.

Dhaulagiri - Nepal

Also called the "White Mountain," Dhaulagiri stands 8,167 metres, claiming the seventh spot among the world's highest peaks. 
Its appeal as the easiest mountain to climb over 8000 metres lies in its varied terrain, including glaciers and steep slopes.
While demanding a degree of technical skill, Dhaulagiri remains within reach if you have prior high-altitude experience. It's an ideal climb when looking to advance your skills.
Annapurna's summit is one of the best Nepal has to offer.

Annapurna - Nepal

At 8,091 metres, Annapurna, the "Goddess of the Harvest," presents a unique challenge to climbers. It's also one of the best mountains to climb before Everest.
While known for its high level of difficulty and avalanche-prone slopes, the right combination of skills and experience can make it easy for you to climb Annapurna.
Want to prepare for this climb? You can start with our Annapurna Circuit trek here at Skyhook!
Gasherbrum I represents one of the key points on the Gasherbrum massif.

Gasherbrum I (Hidden Peak) - Pakistan/China

Gasherbrum I, also known as Hidden Peak, rises to an impressive height of 8,080 metres. Located on the border between Pakistan and China, it is part of the Gasherbrum massif. 
While not as frequently climbed as some of its counterparts, Gasherbrum I involves negotiating steep ice and rock sections for a rewarding experience if you seek a less-travelled path. 
Kangchenjunga at Sunrise (wikimedia commons)
Kanchenjunga against warm sunlight.

Kanchenjunga - Nepal/India

As the third-highest mountain globally, Kanchenjunga reaches an impressive elevation of 8,586 metres.
It is nestled on the border between Nepal and India - a formidable peak that offers a challenging ascent characterised by remote terrain and complex features. 
While it may not sound like the easiest 8000m mountain to climb, it still is a compelling choice when seeking a significant mountaineering achievement.
The breathtaking views from its summit, including glimpses of the Eastern Himalayan range, add an extra layer of allure to this mighty peak, making this one of our bucket list mountains to climb.
Hikers on the majestic Mardi Himal in Annapurna.


There you have it - the best 8000m mountains to climb in the world.
Each peak (including some of the easiest mountains to climb in Nepal) offers a unique adventure for novices or experienced climbers.
The diverse challenges and breathtaking vistas make your adventures all the more rewarding. 
As you consider your next ascent, our meticulously planned climbing expeditions can turn your mountainous dreams into a reality.
So, book your adventure with Skyhook Adventures now, and let the journey to conquer these thrilling heights begin.

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