Exploring The 7 Top Mountains In Wales To Climb

The rugged landscapes of Wales beckon with breathtaking vistas and invigorating adventures.
If you're yearning to elevate your hiking game from the UK, Skyhook offers superb hiking trips to guide you up the best Welsh mountains to climb for pros and beginners alike.
Let's start with our bucket list of mountains to climb!

7 Best Mountains to Climb in Wales

snowdown landscape
The views when hiking Snowdon.

1. Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa)

​​Nestled in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, Snowdon stands tall and proud, earning its title as the crown jewel of the Welsh mountains. 
The mountain's terrain is a mix of challenges and diversity, from rocky ridges to winding trails - a dynamic landscape that keeps the excitement buzzing with every step. 
Two go-to routes, the Pyg Track and Miner's Track open up a world of possibilities for hikers of all levels. The Pyg Track boasts panoramic views and steep ascents that'll get your heart pumping, while the Miner's Track is the friendly option, perfect if you're dipping your toes into mountain hiking for the first time.
What makes Snowdon one of the best mountains to climb in the UK? It's the rugged terrain and the jaw-dropping scenery that unfolds with each stride. As you climb, its emerald valleys, craggy peaks, and pristine lakes reveal themselves beneath you. 
And here's the kicker: as part of our UK trips here at Skyhook, the local guides we work with will guide you up Snowdon's summit on the iconic 3 Peaks Challenge. You can also go hiking up Ben Nevis in Scotland during the 3 Peaks. 
Pen Y Fan in Wales.

2. Pen Y Fan

Pen y Fan is the pinnacle of choice when considering mountains in South Wales to climb. As the highest peak in the region, it's an adventure waiting to be unwrapped.
Pen Y Fan's terrain is a testament to the diverse beauty of the Brecon Beacons. Rocky paths transition into slopes, creating a hiking experience that's as varied as it is captivating. 
Whether you choose the classic horseshoe walk, a trail that unveils the mountain's grandeur step by step, or the less-trodden Cwm Llwch route, each stride reveals a new facet of this natural masterpiece.
As you climb, panoramic vistas will unfold, laying bare the undulating beauty of the surrounding landscapes, including the iconic silhouette of the Brecon Beacons. The mix of lush greenery, rugged rocks, and the occasional glint of serene lakes crafts a picture that stays etched in your memory long after the descent. 
flickr - ross merritt - picws du
The lush Picws Du terrain.

3. Picws Du

Picws Du terrain is a rugged masterpiece, adorned with heather-covered slopes and rocky formations that add a thrilling dimension to the climb. A mix of well-marked paths and challenging scrambles caters to both seasoned hikers seeking a rush and those eager to up their game.
Picws Du's offers untamed wilderness and an opportunity to immerse in the unspoiled beauty of the Brecon Beacons. From the more frequented trails, Picws Du provides a sense of solitude and a chance to forge a deeper connection with the raw landscape.
Cader Idris views.

4. Cader Idris (Penygader)

Cader Idris has a mesmerising mix of rocky ridges, grassy slopes, and dramatic cliffs. 
The mountain has different routes, each with its flavour of challenge. Take the Pony Path, for instance – it's the scenic route with gradual ascents and views that'll make you stop in your tracks. On the flip side, the Minffordd Path is all about embracing the rugged and adventurous side of the mountain.
As you start the climb, get ready for panoramic views of Snowdonia National Park – rolling hills, expansive valleys, and lakes that shimmer like nature's jewels. 
And when you hit the summit, catch glimpses of the Irish Sea on those crystal-clear days. Plus, the mysterious glacial lake, Llyn Cau, is tucked away in the mountain's embrace, adding that touch of mystical allure to the whole Cader Idris experience. 
flickr - mark horrell - carnedd llewelyn
Carnedd Lleweyln is a challenge worthy of experienced hikers.

5. Carnedd Llewelyn

Carnedd Llewelyn is a rugged and diverse terrain that captures the essence of the Carneddau range. You'll encounter grassy plateaus, rocky ridges, and expansive moorlands. 
The mountain offers a sense of isolation and wilderness, starkly contrasting some of the more popular peaks in Snowdonia. 
As the second-highest peak in Wales, Carnedd Llewelyn presents a challenge suitable for experienced hikers. While the ascent via the popular route from Helyg is less demanding, it still involves navigating steep sections and rocky paths. 
flickr - mark horrell - moel siabod
Hikers at Moel Siabod.

6. Moel Siabod

Rising with a modest prominence, Moel Siabod may not boast the towering altitude of some Welsh peaks, but its distinct characteristics make it a noteworthy ascent in Snowdonia. Standing at 872 metres (2,861 feet), it presents a captivating proposition for climbers seeking a less-travelled route.
Conveniently located near Capel Curig, Moel Siabod's moderate difficulty level and accessibility make it one of the preferred Wales mountains to climb. 
As you reach the top, a 360-degree spectacle unfolds, revealing the majesty of Snowdonia. From the rugged grandeur of Snowdon to the undulating Glyderau range and even distant glimpses of the Irish Sea on clear days, the view is a rich reward for the journey.
The amazing Tryfan terrain.

7. Tryfan

At 917 metres tall, Tryfan's terrain transforms with each step, creating an exhilarating playground for hikers. You can climb this Tryfan via the North Ridge, a route that promises a thrilling scramble over rocky outcrops and narrow ledges. 
If you prefer a less demanding path, the Heather Terrace provides an alternative, weaving through a tapestry of heather-clad slopes and craggy terrain.
As you ascend, panoramic views of Snowdonia National Park unfold, showcasing the majestic beauty of the Welsh countryside.
The craggy ridges, serene lakes, and distant peaks create a breathtaking backdrop that transforms the climb into an immersive experience of nature's grandeur.
Tryfan unveils its pièce de résistance at the summit – the famous Adam and Eve stones.
These two monoliths invite you to attempt a bold leap between them, adding a touch of adventure to the triumphant moment of reaching the summit. 
needpix - pixabay - iankelsall1 - hiker on snowdon
Hiking the Brecon Beacons is a must.


In the realm of iconic mountains of the world, the breathtaking landscapes of Snowdon, Pen Y Fan, Picws Du, Cader Idris, Carnedd Llewelyn, Moel Siabod, and Tryfan await avid hikers.
Each summit is a great starting point for the best beginner mountains to climb in Europe. They reveal a tapestry of natural wonders – from rugged ridges to serene lakes – creating memories etched in the heart.
At Skyhook Adventure, we seamlessly weave these peaks into unforgettable journeys, offering hiking adventures for both seasoned mountaineers and those taking their first steps into the world of mountain climbing.

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