Top Mountains To Climb In Africa For Your Next Adventure

Alright, adventurers and thrill-seekers! Are you ready to explore the majestic mountains of Africa - some of the most famous mountains of the world
This continent, brimming with diverse landscapes and rich cultures, offers some of the most exhilarating climbing experiences in the world.
From the snow-capped Kilimanjaro, a dream for many mountaineers, to the rugged terrains of Mount Kenya, each peak presents its unique set of challenges and rewards. 
So, pack your gear, embrace the spirit of adventure, and let's discover these African giants together!
kilimanjaro on a sunny day
The view of Kilimanjaro on a sunny African day.


Kilimanjaro is one of the seven summits, and the continent's tallest mountain at 5,895 metres.
It is the crown jewel of Tanzania and one of the most famous mountains to climb in Africa.
Perhaps the most interesting fact about Mount Kilimanjaro is that, unlike other tall mountains with ranges, Kili is the largest free-standing mountain in the world!
The ascent to Uhuru Peak, the highest point on Kilimanjaro, unfolds through a symphony of ecosystems.
Starting in lush rainforests, you traverse the alpine deserts, each day revealing new challenges like the Barranco wall and breathtaking Kilimanjaro views
Kilimanjaro campsites, such as Barranco Camp, Machame Camp and Barafu Camp, offer crucial resting points and showcase panoramic views of the plains below. 
Kilimanjaro non-technical ascent makes it an ideal choice for climbers of varying expertise.
With the final summit night to Uhuru Peak, you'll be rewarded with a sunrise spectacle that paints the sky in hues of gold and pink on one of the highest mountains in the world.
herd of african elephants in ol pejeta
Mount Kenya and its wildlife

Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya, Africa's second-highest peak, invites you to a breathtaking symphony of jagged peaks and glacier-clad summits. 
The ascent to Nelion and Batian, the highest points, is a technical masterpiece, you will be navigating rock and ice sections.
You will rest in Mt Kenya camps like Mackinder's Camp and - a sweet welcome and refuge against the mountain's challenging terrain. 
Beyond the technicalities, you will find amazing and unique Mt Kenya wildlife and diverse ecosystems, providing a sensory feast for those who venture to conquer its heights. 
flickr - leonard a. floyd - simien mountains
The summit of the Simien mountains

Simien Mountains

Ethiopia's Simien Mountains, shrouded in mystery, blend adventure with cultural richness.
The ascent to Ras Dashen, towering at 4,550 metres, takes you through plateaus and deep valleys.
Sankaber, a base camp nestled amidst stunning landscapes, offers a gateway to the heart of the Simien range. 
Beyond the challenge of the climb, the Simien Mountains reveal the richness of Ethiopia's cultural heritage and unique wildlife.
This hidden gem provides an immersive experience, with Ras Dashen's summit offering panoramic views that linger in the memory.
Mount Elgon National Park, Kenya (wikimedia commons)
Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon, an extinct shield volcano standing at the Uganda-Kenya border, may be overlooked, but its vast caldera and lava tube caves make it a hidden gem for explorers. 
The climb is a fascinating journey through one of the world's largest calderas, adding an element of mystery to the ascent.
You can rest at Sasa River Camp - a rustic but rejuvenating atmosphere, with evening campfires fostering camaraderie and providing a chance to soak in the mountain's serene beauty. 
The beautiful Drakensberg mountain range

Drakensberg Mountains

South Africa's Drakensberg Mountains invite you to an alpine playground of dramatic cliffs and rolling highlands. 
The Amphitheatre, a colossal rock wall, stands as a formidable challenge if you're seeking a thrilling ascent.
Base camps like Didima Camp offer essential facilities and panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. 
A view of Mount Meru

Mount Meru

Often overshadowed by Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru is a less crowded yet equally rewarding mountain to climb in Africa. 
The challenging ascent to Socialist Peak, navigating through lush rainforests and alpine meadows, provides a diverse landscape for climbers. 
climber reaching top of mt toubkal
Climber reaching summit of Mt Toubkal


Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, offers a taste of North African mountaineering at its best.
The ascent winds through traditional Berber villages and alpine terrain, providing both non-technical routes for beginners and more challenging paths for experienced climbers. 
As one of many easy mountains to climb on the continent, you can acclimate at base camps like Neltner Hut without difficulty.
Here, you'll get essential amenities and breathtaking views of the surrounding North African peaks. 
Table Mountain on a sunny evening

Table Mountain

In the heart of Cape Town, Table Mountain is an accessible climb for adventurers of all levels looking for a South African trip
The cable car provides an option for those seeking a less strenuous journey, while various trails offer a range of challenges.
The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway station serves as starting points for hikers, offering convenience and stunning views of the city and coastline. 
flickr - jørn eriksson - rwenzori mountains
The Mountains of the Moon

Mount Rwenzori

Aptly named the Mountains of the Moon, Mount Rwenzori, straddling Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a mystical ascent into the heart of East Africa. 
As one of the continent's highest peaks, Rwenzori's Margherita Peak stands at 5,109 metres.
It offers a challenging climb through mist-shrouded landscapes and glacial valleys, making it one of the hardest mountains to climb in the world and in Africa.
The ascent to Margherita Peak takes you through John Matte Camp and Bujuku Hut, providing essential rest and shelter against the mountain's unpredictable weather.
The allure of Mount Rwenzori also lies in the captivating mist that shrouds its peaks for an otherworldly atmosphere that enables a truly immersive experience.
flickr - NASA Johnson - emi koussi crater
The famous crater at Emi Koussi

Emi Koussi

Nestled within the Sahara Desert in Chad, Emi Koussi rises as the highest peak in the Tibesti Mountains, standing at 3,415 metres. 
Climbing Emi Koussi is a unique adventure, offering a stark contrast to the lush landscapes of other mountains in Africa.
The climb takes you through the rugged desert terrain, revealing ancient volcanic craters and expansive views of the Sahara. 
You'll acclimatise at camps such as Trou au Natron to recharge before tackling the summit.
mt kenya in dry season
Mt Kenya in the dry season


From Kilimanjaro's iconic silhouette to the mystical allure of Rwenzori's Margherita Peak, each climb unveils a unique blend of challenges and cultural richness.
This bucket list of mountains to climb is your gateway to thrilling expeditions, offering you a rare opportunity to conquer these peaks while immersing yourself in diverse landscapes, ecosystems and cultures.
Whether you're a novice or an experienced climber, these thrilling mountain summits await.
Pack your gear, join the ascent, and let the majesty of this continent leave an indelible mark on your soul.
Embark on an unforgettable journey with us at Skyhook Adventure exploring Africa's most breathtaking mountains!

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