Hiking The Jordan Trail: Everything You Need To Know

If you're looking for adventure when you travel to Jordan, then hiking the Jordan trail has got to be at the top of your list. 
This long and difficult hike spans the entire country, offering hikers insight into the many different beautiful sights and experiences that Jordan has to offer.
It's a truly amazing experience, and something that everyone visiting Jordan should try to experience - even if you only cover a short section of the trail. 
At Skyhook, we offer a guided Petra, Wadi Rum, Dead Sea tour across the Jordan trail for big groups and Jordan solo travel and we absolutely love it.
Here are our best Jordan travel tips to help you plan a trip for the Jordan trail.
The Jordan trail

What is the Jordan Trail?

The Jordan Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that spans approximately 650 kilometres (400 miles) across the entire length of Jordan, from Um Qais in the north to Aqaba in the south. 
Established in 2015, the trail offers hikers an opportunity to experience the diverse landscapes, historical sites, and cultural richness of Jordan.
This trail traverses through a variety of terrains, including forests, valleys, deserts, and canyons, providing a glimpse of Jordan's natural beauty and ancient heritage. 
Hikers can encounter several significant archaeological sites, such as Petra, the ancient city carved into rose-red cliffs, and explore cultural landmarks like Dana Biosphere Reserve, the Wadi Rum desert, and the Dead Sea.
The Jordan Trail is divided into eight sections, each showcasing unique landscapes and historical features. It's a popular destination for adventure seekers, nature enthusiasts, and those interested in experiencing the rich history and culture of Jordan through outdoor exploration. 
The trail offers a chance to engage with local communities, sample traditional Jordanian cuisine, and appreciate the hospitality of the people along the way.
visiting petra
Hikers exploring Petra

Jordan Trail Guide

Divided into eight sections, this trail offers a captivating journey for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the region.
Here's a detailed breakdown of the eight sections along the Jordan Trail.

Um Qais to Ajloun

The trail begins in Um Qais, a town in northern Jordan known for its Roman ruins. Hikers trek through olive groves, valleys, and villages, passing by historical sites before reaching Ajloun with its famous 12th-century castle.

Ajloun to Umm Qais

This section takes hikers through pine forests, oak woodlands, and rural landscapes. The trail winds through picturesque villages and offers breathtaking views of the Jordan Valley.
flickr-roberto saltori-umm-qais-ruins
Ancient ruins at Umm Qais, Jordan.

Umm Qais to Pella

This segment leads through agricultural lands and rural communities, passing by archaeological sites like Gadara and Pella, known for their ancient ruins.

Pella to Umm Qais

Hikers journey back to Umm Qais through varied terrains, including plains and valleys, offering scenic views and encounters with local Bedouin communities.

Umm Qais to Ajloun Forest Reserve

This section traverses landscapes of olive groves, orchards, and hills before reaching the Ajloun Forest Reserve, known for its rich biodiversity.
Ancient Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan.

Ajloun Forest Reserve to Jerash

Hikers explore woodlands, descend into Wadi Zubia, and arrive at Jerash, home to the well-preserved ancient Roman ruins of the city of Gerasa.

Jerash to Dana

This segment leads through diverse terrains, including pine forests, farmlands, and rugged hills, offering encounters with local Bedouin communities before reaching Dana Biosphere Reserve.
preparing for petra hike
Hiking from Dana to Petra

Dana to Petra

The final leg of the trail descends through picturesque canyons, including Wadi Araba, leading to the ancient city of Petra, renowned for its intricate rock-cut architecture.
This section is also covered in the Petra to Wadi Rum hike - which is a good shorter alternative for anyone who doesn't have the time to do the full Jordan trail.
Throughout the trail, hikers encounter breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, historical landmarks, and opportunities to engage with local communities.
The Jordan Trail provides an immersive experience of Jordan's natural wonders, cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, making it a captivating adventure for trekkers from around the world.
You're welcome to also do a 5-day Jordan trail trek from Dana to Petra with us at Skyhook Adventure.
taking pictures on jordan trail
Hikers taking pictures on the Jordan trail.

How Difficult is the Jordan Trail Hike?

The difficulty level of hiking the Jordan Trail can vary depending on a few factors, including individual fitness levels, weather conditions, and the specific section of the trail being tackled. 
Overall, the Jordan Trail offers a range of challenges, from moderate to strenuous, throughout its 650-kilometer length. However, it's certainly not the most intense hiking route, and hikers of all experience and fitness levels could complete it.
Here are some factors contributing to the difficulty of the Jordan trail.


The trail encompasses diverse terrains, including rugged mountains, desert expanses, rocky paths, steep ascents, descents, and occasional river crossings. Some sections involve elevation gains and losses, which can be physically demanding.

Weather Conditions

Jordan experiences varying weather conditions. In some seasons, temperatures can soar in the desert areas, posing challenges for hikers. During summer, high temperatures can make hiking uncomfortable, while winter might bring cooler temperatures, especially at higher elevations.
It’s essential that you understand when to visit Jordan for good weather and plan this out before your hike.

Distance and Duration

Covering the entire trail could take around a month, depending on individual pace and itinerary. Long-distance hiking requires endurance and mental stamina.
However, most hikers only choose to do sections of the trail, which means you don’t have to dedicate a full 40 days of walking.
Area around Mount Nebo

Facilities and Services

While efforts have been made to improve facilities along the trail, including accommodations and water points, some areas might lack amenities. This necessitates carrying sufficient supplies and planning for camping in certain sections.


The trail is generally well-marked, but there might be areas where navigation could be a challenge, especially for those unfamiliar with the terrain. Having maps, GPS devices, or a guidebook can be beneficial.

Fitness Level

While portions of the trail are suitable for moderately fit hikers, other sections demand a higher level of fitness due to the rugged terrain and long distances covered each day.
For experienced hikers or those accustomed to long-distance trekking, the Jordan Trail offers an exciting and rewarding challenge. However, it's important for hikers to adequately prepare to ensure a safer and more enjoyable hiking experience. 
Beginners or less experienced hikers might consider tackling shorter sections or joining our guided Jordan hiking adventure trips to acclimate to the challenges of the trail.
jordan trail
Rough terrain on the Jordan trail

What to Expect on the Jordan Trail 

Of all the places to visit in Jordan, hiking the Jordan trail has got to be on the top of your travel list. 
Because the trail lets you experience the entire country, passing through 75 villages and all of the different landscapes and terrains that the country has to offer. 
Needless to say, you can expect a captivating and diverse experience that encompasses natural beauty, historical sites, cultural encounters, and physical challenges. 
Here are some highlights that you can anticipate along the trail.
travelling to jordan
Stunning landscapes on the Jordan trail.

Stunning Landscapes

The Jordan Trail covers diverse landscapes, including mountains, forests, deserts, valleys, and canyons. Expect breathtaking scenery ranging from the lush greenery of forests to the stark beauty of the desert and the dramatic cliffs of ancient canyons.

Historical Sites

The trail passes by numerous historical and archaeological sites. From ancient Roman ruins to Nabatean cities like Petra, expect encounters with millennia-old sites that offer a glimpse into Jordan's rich history and cultural heritage.

Cultural Immersion

Along the trail, you'll have opportunities to engage with local Bedouin communities and experience Jordanian hospitality. Expect encounters with traditional customs, cuisine, and a chance to learn about the local way of life.

Challenges and Adventure

Be prepared for physical challenges. Some sections involve steep ascents and descents, rocky paths, and long distances. 
The trail can be physically demanding, requiring endurance and proper preparation.
wikimedia-commons-rummana-mountain-trail-dana biosphere reserve
Rummana Mountain trail in Dana Biosphere Reserve, Jordan.

Wildlife and Nature

The Jordan Trail showcases the country's biodiversity. Keep an eye out for diverse flora and fauna, including rare species in the protected reserves and wilderness areas.

Weather Variations

Jordan experiences diverse weather conditions. 
Expect hot temperatures in the desert regions during the day and cooler nights. Understanding the weather in Wadi Rum, for instance, is important for navigating this hike safely and comfortably.
Weather conditions can seriously influence the difficulty and experience of hiking, so be prepared for potential changes.
wadi rum camping
Camp sites along the Jordan trail

Camping and Accommodations

While the trail offers camping opportunities like camps in Wadi Rum, some sections have limited facilities.
Expect to camp under the stars in some areas and plan accordingly by carrying the necessary camping gear and supplies. However, accommodations are available in certain towns along the trail.

Community Interaction

Throughout the journey, interactions with local communities are common. Respect local customs and traditions, and embrace the chance to learn from the people you meet along the trail.

Navigation and Logistics

The trail is generally marked but may require navigation tools. Expect to plan and navigate your route, ensuring you have maps, GPS, or a guidebook to aid your journey.
Overall, expect an adventure filled with incredible scenery, cultural richness, physical challenges, and rewarding experiences as you traverse the length of the Jordan Trail.
Prepare well, stay mindful of the environment and local cultures, and embrace the journey with an open heart and a spirit of adventure.
tourists in jordan
Preparation is key for the Jordan trail.

Hiking Jordan Trail: How to Prepare

Preparing for a hike along the Jordan Trail requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some essential steps to get ready for this adventure.

Research and Familiarization

Learn about the trail's route, sections, and terrain. Understand the weather conditions during the time you plan to hike. Gather information about the cultural aspects, historical sites, and necessary permits.
Check out the Jordan Trail Association for detailed insights and guidance about the trail.

Physical Fitness

Assess your fitness level and start a training regimen tailored for long-distance hiking. Focus on building endurance, strength, and stamina, including cardiovascular exercises, hiking, and carrying a backpack with weight.

Gear and Equipment

Invest in proper hiking gear suitable for the trail conditions. This includes sturdy and comfortable hiking boots, moisture-wicking clothing, a backpack, a tent, a sleeping bag, cooking equipment, navigation tools (maps, GPS), a first aid kit, and sufficient water storage.

Packing and Supplies

Plan your supplies carefully. Ensure you have adequate food, water, and provisions for the duration of your hike, especially in areas with limited access to amenities. 
Pack light but include essentials for safety and comfort.

Navigation Tools

Carry a detailed map, GPS device, or smartphone with GPS capabilities loaded with trail maps or apps that work offline. Familiarize yourself with the trail markers and route beforehand.

Permits and Permissions

Check if there are permits required for specific sections or cultural sites along the trail. Arrange necessary permissions in advance.

Health and Safety

Get a medical check-up before the hike. Bring any necessary medications, insect repellent, sunscreen, and personal hygiene items. 
Follow safety guidelines, and be aware of potential risks, such as wildlife encounters or extreme weather conditions.
Explore the Jordan trail on a guided tour with Skyhook.

Guided Hiking Tours

Consider joining our guided Petra, Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea tour. Our experienced and fully vetted guides can offer invaluable knowledge about the Jordan trail, ensure safety, and provide cultural insights. They can also handle logistics like accommodations, meals, and transportation, easing the planning burden.

Local Customs and Etiquette

Research and respect the local customs, traditions, and etiquette of the areas you'll pass through. This includes dressing modestly, asking permission before taking photos of people, and understanding cultural sensitivities.

Leave No Trace Principles

Practice responsible hiking by following Leave No Trace principles. Respect the environment, avoid littering, and minimize your impact on the ecosystems you traverse.
Preparing for the Jordan Trail involves meticulous planning, physical conditioning, and awareness of the cultural and natural surroundings.
Considering a guided hiking tour not only offers convenience but also enhances the overall experience by providing guidance, safety, and cultural insights along the journey.
hot day in jordan
Sunny day on the Jordan trail.


Hiking the entire Jordan trail is a major achievement. However, anyone can hike shorter sections of it, and it will certainly be a rewarding experience while in Jordan. 
The trail is the ultimate way to experience all of the many sights and experiences of this diverse country. So, if you’re interested in Wadi Rum hiking and beyond, then you’ll definitely want to consider adding the Jordan trail to your bucket list.

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