Solo Travel In Jordan: What You Need To Know Before You Go

Solo travel to Jordan can be an extremely rewarding adventure.
The country may seem intimidating for some tourists, but it really shouldn’t be. It’s well-established for tourism, and there are many different destinations and experiences across the country that appeal to all kinds of travellers. 
At Skyhook, we offer guided Jordan tours throughout the country. We’ve experienced many solo travellers, and can confidently say that Jordan is a great country for independent travel. 
To make planning your solo travel to Jordan a bit easier, here’s everything you need to know.
hiker in petra
Hiking solo in Petra

Is Solo Travel Jordan Safe?

If you’re planning independent travel to Jordan, then you’re probably wondering “Is Jordan safe to visit?”.
Solo travel in Jordan can be a safe and enriching experience for many visitors. The country is known for its warm hospitality and is generally considered safe for tourists. 
Jordanians are welcoming towards travellers, and the country boasts significant historical sites like Petra, captivating landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.
Many solo travellers have enjoyed exploring the country independently, immersing themselves in its unique offerings while feeling secure throughout their journeys.
However, as with travelling anywhere, exercising caution and being aware of your surroundings are important factors to ensure a safe experience.
While incidents targeting tourists are rare in Jordan, it's advisable to remain vigilant and respectful of local customs and traditions to enhance your overall travel experience.
solo jordan travel for women
Taking a Jeep ride through the Jordanian desert

About Jordan

Jordan, a country in the Middle East, is known for its rich history, diverse cultural heritage, and stunning landscapes. 
It's bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and east, Iraq to the northeast, Syria to the north, Israel and the West Bank to the west, and shares a small stretch of coastline with the Red Sea in the southwest.
The country's historical significance is evident in iconic historic sites such as Petra, an ancient city carved into rose-red cliffs, and the well-preserved Roman city of Jerash. Its capital, Amman, is a bustling city that combines modernity with historic sites like the Roman Amphitheater and the Citadel, offering a glimpse into its past.
Jordan's natural beauty ranges from the shores of the Dead Sea, renowned for its high salt content and therapeutic mud, to the desert landscapes of Wadi Rum, characterized by dramatic sandstone mountains and vast open spaces. 
The country's cultural diversity is reflected in its welcoming people, flavourful cuisine, and a blend of traditions from various ethnic groups and historical influences. 
Jordan is also known for its stability within the region and is a popular destination for travellers seeking both historical exploration and natural wonders.
magic hour at wadi rum
There are a number of great solo travel destinations in Jordan.

Best Jordan Solo Travel Destinations

Jordan is a captivating destination for solo travellers, offering a tapestry of experiences that cater to diverse interests. 
To help plan your trip, here are some of the best places to visit in Jordan for solo travellers.
travelling through jordan
Travellers in Petra


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Jordan's crown jewel, drawing travellers from across the globe.
Being such a popular tourism destination, Petra is well set up to accommodate visitors and is perfectly safe for solo travellers with excellent options for a hike to Petra.
For solo adventurers, Petra presents an awe-inspiring journey through ancient Nabatean architecture. The walk through the narrow Siq, flanked by towering cliffs, leads to the breathtaking sight of the Treasury, a magnificent rock-cut structure.
Beyond lies an entire city carved into rose-red sandstone cliffs, including the Monastery, Royal Tombs, and the ancient theatre. 
Solo travellers can explore these wonders at their own pace, soaking in the mystical atmosphere and immersing themselves in the rich history of this archaeological marvel.
Hiking solo in Wadi Rum is a must.

Wadi Rum

Often referred to as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is an enchanting desert landscape that beckons solo travellers seeking solitude and adventure. 
The vast expanse of sandstone and granite formations creates an otherworldly setting, offering outstanding tourist attractions in Wadi Rum for visitors.
Solo exploration in this desert can involve camping in Wadi Rum under star-studded skies, embarking on exhilarating jeep safaris to explore hidden canyons and ancient rock inscriptions, or engaging in Wadi Rum hiking to witness the stunning vistas atop sand dunes. 
The serene isolation of Wadi Rum provides a unique opportunity for self-discovery and appreciation of nature's grandeur.
You could also embark on a Petra to Wadi Rum hike if you’d like to experience both of these iconic destinations through one adventure. This an awesome experience as a solo traveller as you get to join a group of other like-minded hikers.
pixabay-jonny joka-amman-jordan
The capital city of Amman, Jordan.


Jordan's bustling capital is a blend of history, culture, and modernity. For solo travellers, Amman offers an array of experiences, from exploring ancient ruins to savouring the vibrant local life. 
The Citadel stands atop a hill, showcasing remnants of various civilizations, including the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace. The Roman Amphitheater, nestled in the heart of the city, echoes its glorious past. 
Souk Jara and Rainbow Street exude a lively atmosphere with street vendors, cafes, and cultural performances, providing ample opportunities for solo travellers to mingle with locals and indulge in Jordanian cuisine.
swimming in jordan
Frollicking solo in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Solo travellers seeking relaxation and rejuvenation will find solace at the Dead Sea. This is a must for anyone who plans to visit Jordan.
Floating effortlessly in the mineral-rich waters is a unique experience, complemented by therapeutic mud believed to have healing properties. 
Resorts along this iconic coastline offer swimming in the Dead Sea, spa treatments and breathtaking views, providing a serene retreat for solo travellers to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of this lowest point on Earth.
Ancient Roman ruins in Jerash, Jordan.


History comes alive in Jerash, an exceptionally preserved Roman city. 
For solo history enthusiasts, Jerash's well-preserved ruins, including the Oval Plaza, Hadrian's Arch, and the impressive Cardo Maximus, offer a glimpse into its glorious past. 
Solo exploration through the collonaded streets and grand theatres allows for a deep appreciation of the city's architectural marvels and historical significance.
Aqaba, Southern Jordan 2012 25 (wikimedia commons)
A solo tour of coastal Aqaba is always a treat.


Nestled along the Red Sea, Aqaba invites solo travellers to its coastal charms. 
The city boasts pristine beaches and an underwater world teeming with vibrant marine life. Solo divers and snorkelers can explore coral reefs, shipwrecks, and a diverse array of aquatic creatures. 
Aqaba's relaxed ambience, coupled with opportunities for water sports and seaside relaxation, makes it an appealing destination for solo travellers seeking both adventure and tranquillity.
wikimedia-commons-rummana-mountain-trail-dana biosphere reserve
Respect the environment while travelling through Jordan.

Tips for Solo Travel in Jordan

Solo travel to Jordan is a wonderful and rewarding experience. You’ll just want to make sure that you’re well-prepared for your trip and stay safe. 
Here are some top tips to help you get this right.

Respect Local Customs

Jordan is a conservative country with strong cultural traditions. 
Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or conservative areas. Respecting local customs, such as removing shoes before entering someone's home, will enhance your experience and show courtesy to the locals.

Stay Informed

Stay updated on local news and travel advisories before and during your trip. 
While Jordan is generally safe, staying informed about any potential safety concerns or developments in the region is crucial for your safety.
bedouin culture in jordan
Bedouin communities in Petra.

Connect with Locals

Engage with the friendly locals. 
Jordanians are known for their hospitality. Strike up conversations, ask for recommendations, and embrace opportunities to learn about their culture, traditions, and way of life. It can enrich your travel experience and provide valuable insights.

Safety Precautions

Exercise standard safety precautions. Avoid displaying valuables openly and be cautious in crowded or unfamiliar areas. 
While incidents targeting tourists are rare, it's advisable to remain vigilant, especially in crowded places.

Transportation and Navigation

Use reputable transportation services like licensed taxis or established ride-sharing apps. 
When navigating, particularly in remote areas or deserts, it's advisable to have reliable GPS or offline maps available, as some locations might have limited network coverage.
woman on jordan trail
Choose accommodation in safe areas.

Accommodation Safety

Choose accommodations wisely. Opt for reputable hotels, hostels, or guesthouses that prioritize security. Always lock your doors and windows, and utilize safety deposit boxes for valuables.

Language Consideration

Learning a few basic Arabic phrases can be immensely helpful. 
While many Jordanians speak English, especially in tourist areas, knowing a few words or phrases in Arabic can go a long way in communication and showing respect for the local culture.

Solo Etiquette

Blend in and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. 
Solo travellers might want to dress modestly, be aware of local customs, and act respectfully in public spaces to ensure a more seamless experience.

Travel Insurance

It’s a good idea to purchase comprehensive Jordan travel health insurance that covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other unforeseen circumstances. It provides peace of mind and financial security during your travels.
Jeep tours are one of the best ways to travel through Jordan.

How to Travel to Jordan

Here’s what you need to know before heading out on your solo travel to Jordan.

Entry Requirements

Check the entry requirements for Jordan based on your nationality. Ensure your passport has at least six months' validity from your intended date of departure. 
Some nationalities might require a visa to enter Jordan. You can obtain a visa on arrival in Jordan or apply for an e-visa before your trip.


Jordan is accessible by air, and the main international airport is Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) located near the capital, Amman. Several major airlines operate flights to and from Jordan. 
Additionally, neighbouring countries like Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia have land border crossings into Jordan but check current border conditions and visa requirements beforehand.

Local Transportation

Inside Jordan, various transportation options are available. Taxis and ride-sharing services are common in cities like Amman. Renting a car is also an option, but driving in Jordan might be challenging due to different traffic norms. 
Public buses and minibuses (known as "servees") connect major cities and towns. Organized tours or hiring a private driver/guide are also popular choices, especially for visiting tourist sites.


Jordan offers a range of accommodations, including hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and resorts. Amman has a variety of lodging options catering to different budgets. 
For unique experiences, consider staying in Bedouin camps in Wadi Rum or opting for boutique hotels in Petra.


The currency used in Jordan is the Jordanian Dinar (JOD). It's advisable to exchange currency at banks or authorized exchange offices. 
Credit cards are widely accepted in larger establishments, but having some cash on hand is recommended for smaller vendors or local markets.


Arabic is the official language of Jordan, but English is widely spoken, especially in tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants. Learning a few basic Arabic phrases can be appreciated by locals and helpful in more remote areas.
hikers and jordanian guide
Hikers with a Jordanian guide.

Cultural Considerations

Jordan is a country with strong cultural traditions. Respect local customs and dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites or conservative areas. Being mindful of local etiquette can enhance your travel experience.

Safety Precautions

While Jordan is generally safe for tourists, it's advisable to stay informed about the local situation, exercise common sense, and remain vigilant, especially in crowded places or unfamiliar surroundings.


Whether you want to escape the crowds and find solitude in the desert, or join groups of other travellers, solo travel in Jordan is an awesome experience. The country is ideal for travelling independently and offers a wide range of experiences for all kinds of visitors. 
As is the case with any solo travel experience, stay vigilant and prepare for your trip carefully.
Understand when is a good time to visit Jordan, know how you’ll get around, and consider joining one of our guided Jordan tours here at Skyhook Adventure.
This will help you have a truly amazing time while visiting this vibrant country. 

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