Your Complete Guide To Wadi Rum Camping

Wadi Rum is one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. And if you’re going to stay in this desert, then you’ll need to do Wadi Rum camping. 
Because the desert is so remote and completely undeveloped, camping is your only accommodation option.
Luckily, there are many amazing campsites on offer, with a wide range of facilities and varying levels of luxury for the best Jordan adventure travel experience. 
To help you plan for your Wadi Rum camping trip, here’s everything you need to know about setting up tent in the desert on a Petra wadi rum and Dead Sea tour with us at Skyhook Adventure.

Camping in Wadi Rum Desert: What You Need to Know

If you're looking for one of many interesting places to visit in Jordan, then camping in the Wadi Rum Desert is a mesmerizing adventure filled with unique challenges and awe-inspiring experiences. 
To fully embrace this journey, thorough preparation and understanding of the desert's nuances are essential. Here are some things you need to know before you visit a desert camp in Wadi Rum.

Weather Dynamics

The Wadi Rum Desert boasts extreme temperature fluctuations, soaring to scorching highs during the day and plummeting to chilly lows at night. 
It's essential that you know what to wear in wadi Rum, so you can pack strategically for the weather in Wadi Rum.
This means bringing lightweight, breathable clothing for daytime comfort and layers for insulation against the cold after sunset, particularly for hiking the Jordan trail.

Water and Provisions

Wadi Rum camping is extremely remote. You need to make sure you have the right supplies but don't have easy access to any shops. So, coming prepared with enough food and water is essential.
This is one of the many reasons why going camping with experienced guides is so important, as they will ensure you’re properly equipped to stay safe and comfortable in the desert.

Camping Equipment Essentials

Wadi Rum camping is done in an extreme environment far away from anything else. You need to make sure you have the right equipment before you go. 
The good news is there are plenty of well-equipped campsites in the desert. This includes glamping in Wadi Rum, allowing you to simply rock up and have all of your needs taken care of. 
If you choose a more back-to-basics camping style, then make sure you bring enough of the necessary equipment.
A durable, reliable tent that can withstand desert conditions is crucial. Coupled with this, equip yourself with appropriate sleeping gear such as sleeping bags or blankets tailored for colder nighttime temperatures.
driving through wadi rum
The Wadi Rum landscape requires you to be well prepared.

Sun Safety Measures

The relentless desert sun means comprehensive sun protection is essential. 
Pack sunscreen with a high SPF, UV-protective sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats to safeguard against sunburn and mitigate the risk of heat-related illnesses.
It’s also a good idea to set your tent up before midday so that you have somewhere shaded to escape to when the most harsh desert sun hits.

Guided Exploration

Is it safe to travel in Jordan? Considering the vastness and unique terrain of Wadi Rum, hiring a knowledgeable guide or joining a guided tour is highly recommended for safe and informed exploration. 
Guides possess valuable insights into the area's landmarks, culture, and safety protocols to help you have a more enjoyable Wadi Rum camping experience.

Cultural Respect

Wadi Rum is home to the Bedouin community, renowned for its rich cultural heritage. 
Show respect for their traditions, seek permission before setting up camp, and demonstrate environmental responsibility by leaving no trace of your visit.

Safety Awareness

Remain vigilant of potential hazards and wildlife encounters. The desert hosts various creatures, including snakes and scorpions, warranting cautious steps and clothing checks. 
Additionally, inform someone trustworthy of your itinerary and expected return time for safety precautions.
Even if you’re staying in a well-equipped Wadi Rum luxury campsite, being aware of all the dangers of the desert is important.

Leave-No-Trace Ethos

Uphold responsible tourism practices by ensuring you leave the desert as pristine as you found it. Collect and dispose of all your waste appropriately, leaving no litter behind, and preserving the natural beauty of the Wadi Rum Protected Area.

Stargazing Delights

Embrace the unique opportunity for unparalleled stargazing owing to minimal light pollution. Consider carrying a telescope for a closer celestial encounter or revel in the sheer beauty of the unobstructed night sky.

Permits and Compliance

Check to see if specific permits or regulations are necessary prior to your camping expedition in Wadi Rum. Adhering to designated rules and guidelines set by authorities ensures a seamless and harmonious experience.
Scenes from the Wadi Rum desert.

Wadi Rum Desert Camp Options

If you’re planning on doing Wadi Rum camping, you have various options available. Here are your choices for staying in the captivating Wadi Rum Desert.

Bedouin Camps

These camps offer an authentic and culturally immersive experience, allowing guests to live as the Bedouins do. 
Typically, these camps feature traditional goat-hair tents known as "beit shar." Visitors can participate in cultural activities, enjoy traditional meals, and experience Bedouin hospitality. 
Common areas often host performances of music and dance, providing a glimpse into the rich Bedouin heritage.

Wadi Rum Luxury Camps

For those seeking a blend of comfort and wilderness, luxury desert camps provide a lavish experience amidst the rugged desert terrain. There are many options for glamping in Wadi Rum, all of them offering an unforgettable way to experience this desert.
These camps offer well-appointed tents equipped with plush bedding, private bathrooms with hot showers, and sometimes air conditioning or heating systems.
Additionally, guests can indulge in amenities such as fine dining, spa treatments, and exclusive guided tours or activities like camel rides or 4x4 desert excursions.
The best luxury camps in Wadi Rum take care of all your needs, so you just need to arrive and relax.

Standard Tented Camps

These camps strike a balance between traditional and modern camping experiences. 
They typically offer comfortable bedding or sleeping mats inside tents, shared bathroom facilities, and communal dining areas. 
While not as luxurious as high-end camps, they provide a cosy and authentic desert camping experience. Of course, they’re also more affordable than Wadi Rum luxury camps.

Independent Camping Sites

Wadi Rum also caters to independent campers who prefer to bring their own tents and camping gear. 
Designated areas within the desert allow visitors to set up their campsites, providing freedom and solitude to explore the desert at their own pace. These areas often have basic facilities like toilets but may lack amenities compared to established camps.

Bubble Tents or Martian Domes

A unique offering in some camps includes transparent bubble tents or domes. 
These structures provide an extraordinary stargazing experience, allowing guests to sleep under the desert sky while enjoying modern comforts within a transparent enclosure.
They often feature comfortable bedding and might include private facilities.

Mobile Camping Experiences

Certain tour operators offer mobile camping experiences, where camps are set up at different locations within Wadi Rum. 
This allows visitors to explore diverse parts of the desert while enjoying the convenience of pre-arranged campsites. It offers flexibility in experiencing various terrains and landscapes within the desert.
Camping helps you explore this remote part of Jordan.
These varied accommodation options cater to diverse preferences, budgets, and desires for experiencing the Wadi Rum Desert.
Whether seeking a traditional Bedouin experience, a luxurious retreat, or the freedom of independent camping, there's an option available to suit every traveller's inclination and ensure an unforgettable stay amidst the breathtaking beauty of Wadi Rum.

Best Places to Stay in Wadi Rum 

Finding the best Wadi Rum camp can be tricky, as there are so many great options available. 
From bubble tents and luxury camps to more rustic camping options, here are some of the best camps in Wadi Rum for all visitors.

Sun City Camp

Renowned for its panoramic views and luxurious amenities, Sun City Camp provides a mix of comfort and authenticity. 
Accommodations range from standard tents to Martian-style domes with modern facilities. The camp offers guided tours, cultural experiences, and stunning sunset views.

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp

Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp combines luxury and traditional charm. Guests can stay in Bedouin-style tents equipped with modern comforts like comfortable beds and private bathrooms. 
It provides an authentic experience with cultural activities, delicious meals, and desert tours.

Rahayeb Desert Camp

Known for its peaceful setting, Rahayeb Desert Camp offers a serene environment for guests seeking tranquillity. The camp provides Bedouin-style tents, excellent hospitality, and guided tours that allow visitors to explore the desert's beauty at their own pace.

Bespoke Hideaways Camp

Offering personalized experiences, Bespoke Hideaways Camp caters to individual preferences.
Accommodations include spacious tents with comfortable bedding, and the camp organizes tailored tours, hiking in Wadi Rum, and stargazing experiences based on guests' interests.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp

Nestled in a secluded area, Memories Aicha Luxury Camp provides a blend of luxury and authenticity. 
Guests can choose between various accommodation options, including deluxe tents or private bungalows. The camp offers exceptional services, cultural activities, and desert adventures.

Captain's Desert Camp

Providing a more traditional experience, Captain's Desert Camp features Bedouin tents and communal spaces for meals and entertainment. 
The camp organizes jeep tours, camel rides, and hikes, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the local Bedouin culture.

Dunes Luxury Camp

Offering a touch of elegance in the desert, Dunes Luxury Camp boasts stylishly designed tents with modern amenities. The camp focuses on personalized service, desert excursions, and cultural experiences.

Beyond Wadi Rum Camp

Known for its unique bubble tent accommodations, Beyond Wadi Rum Camp provides a surreal stargazing experience. Guests can sleep under the stars in transparent domes while enjoying comfortable amenities and guided tours.

Nomads Rest Camp

Nomads Rest Camp offers an intimate and authentic experience with a focus on sustainability. Accommodations include cosy tents furnished with traditional Bedouin decor. 
The camp emphasizes eco-friendly practices, cultural encounters, and guided tours that showcase the desert's natural beauty.

Wadi Rum Base Camp

Ideal for travellers seeking a more adventurous stay, Wadi Rum Base Camp provides basic yet comfortable accommodation in traditional Bedouin tents. 
The camp offers a genuine desert experience with communal dining, campfires, and various outdoor activities such as hiking and camel trekking, allowing guests to connect with the desert environment.
Camels in the Wadi Rum.

Wadi Rum Camping Tips

Although there are many luxurious and comfortable options available, Wadi Rum camping can also be very difficult if you’re not properly prepared.
To help you plan for your Wadi Rum camping trip, here are some of our best travel tips for Jordan that you need to know.

Water and Supplies

Carry an abundant water supply as the desert climate can lead to dehydration. Pack sufficient food and supplies as options for purchasing provisions within the desert are limited.

Weather Preparation

Wadi Rum experiences extreme temperature fluctuations. It’s essential that you carefully plan for the best time to go to Wadi Rum before you go camping.
Pack lightweight, breathable clothing for the day and warm layers for cold nights. Sun protection gear like sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats are crucial to combat intense sun exposure.

Tent and Sleeping Gear

Use a sturdy tent suitable for desert conditions and bring adequate sleeping gear for chilly nights. A sleeping bag or warm blankets are essential for comfort.

Guided Tours or Local Guides

Consider hiring a knowledgeable guide or joining guided tours to explore safely and learn about the area's history, culture, and landmarks.

Respect for Local Culture

Obtain permission before setting up camp and respect Bedouin traditions. Leave no trace of your visit, preserving the desert's natural beauty and respecting the environment.

Safety Measures

Be mindful of wildlife like snakes and scorpions; shake out clothing and watch your step. Inform someone trustworthy about your camping plans and expected return time for safety.

Leave No Trace

Practice responsible camping by taking all trash with you when leaving the desert. Minimize your environmental impact and leave the landscape as pristine as possible.

Stargazing Opportunities

If you’re wondering about what to do in Wadi Rum, simply staring at the stars is one of your best options.
Take advantage of the desert's lack of light pollution for breathtaking stargazing experiences. Consider bringing binoculars or a telescope for a closer celestial view.

Hydration and Rest

Stay hydrated throughout your stay and ensure adequate rest. Take breaks during explorations to prevent fatigue and overheating.

Permits and Regulations

Check for necessary permits and follow regulations before camping. Respect rules set by authorities to ensure a smooth and lawful camping experience.
star gazing in wadi rum
Star gazing in Wadi Rum.


Camps in Wadi Rum are diverse, offering a wide range of experiences for all types of campers. Whether you’re looking for luxury glamping or a back-to-basics desert camp, you’ll find it in the Wadi Rum desert.
This really is one of the most amazing places on earth, with its beautiful scenery, rock formations, and ancient history.
If you visit Jordan, going to Wadi Rum is a must. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, then Wadi Rum camping with us at Skyhook should certainly be on your list.

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